Ingraham: Democrats trying to take credit for Trump’s economy

Obama didn't build that

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Barack Obama, the Democrats and the fake media are trying to take credit for Trump’s economy.

Laura Ingraham: Now, I don’t know about you, but as I mentioned earlier, I’ve had enough of the pathetic attempts by democrats to try to take credit for President Trump’s booming economy. Its a lie that former President Obama has been peddling now for three years

Barack Obama: So the longest streak of job creation in American history by far, the strick that still continues by the way, thanks Obama,

Barack Obama: When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it.

Laura Ingraham: of course Obama’s media acolytes, they just echo his empty claims.

Trump’s greatest accomplishment is not screwing up Barack Obama’s economy.

10% less job creation under Trump and under Obama . . .

talks about is the benefits of the economy. Did he do any of those things, no, he’s benefiting from Barack Obama’s economy.

Just about every measure Barack Obama’s economy was much stronger . . .

Laura Ingraham: Every measure, really Joe. I have a novel idea tonight, let’s introduce a concept called facts into this equation. First off, Obama benefited from the national, natural recovery associated with the terrible recession, but, even then, economic growth ground to a halt by the end of his presidency. It shrunk to a measly 1.6% during his last year in office. In 2016 the unemployment rate stood at 4.7% and real middle class wage growth was flat, business sentiment was relatively low, probably as a consequence of the 900 billion dollars worth of regulatory red tape from the Obama Administration. Consumer confidence was flagging as well, and the Dow was sitting just above 18,000 on the eve of the 2016 election. But, we all remember, that all changed the night Trump was elected.

Donald Trump: We will embark upon a pro National growth and renewal. I will harness the creative talents of our people, and we will call upon the best and brightest to leverage their tremendous talent for the benefit of all.

Laura Ingraham: And, he made good on that promise. Business sentiment immediately spiked. Consumer confidence skyrocketed almost immediately and hit another 15 year high last week, and the DOW soared. It’s now nearing thirty thousand points nearly double what it was before Trump’s election. Now that’s great news for the millions of Americans with 401Ks and IRAs, and then, of course, there was a tax cuts.

Donald Trump: We’ve cut taxes, we’ve taken care of regulations, cut more than any other president in the history of our country, and we did that in three years instead of eight years. Remember the tax cut was the biggest tax cut in the history of our country.

Laura Ingraham: It turns out that the money Americans kept, which Pelosi derided is crumbs, it boosted our economy beyond what anyone expected. Or is the New York Times put it “A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders and it’s beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation – and may finally raise wages significantly.” Well, and it and it worked right, unemployment is now near an all-time lows and the benefits of this, are being felt far and wide.

Donald Trump: The unemployment rate among African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans has reached record lows, all-time, never been lower than what it is now.

Laura Ingraham: But some Democrats I just can’t accept these amazing jobs numbers.

I’m saying that the African American employment is not the lowest it’s ever been, unless you count and slavery. We were fully employed during slavery.

Laura Ingraham: What am I even supposed to say to that. The fact is, the unprecedented prosperity that were saying today is the opposite of what the so-called economic expert predicted back in 2016.

In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks

You will see a market crash of historical for proportion.

If Trump becomes president and implements all of his proposed policies, the US economy could take a 1 trillion dollar hit.

Laura Ingraham: I mean, how are any of those people still working after those predictions. All right, well, instead of calamity we all know we’re living in the best economy in decades and most Americans know whom to thank. A new Gallup poll, as we mentioned earlier, found that 62% credit Trump with a booming economy compared to just 51% who said it’s because of Obama. No wonder Democrats are trying to steal, though, the economic limelight. I was thinking about this tonight. If I were a Democrat and I was looking at all these numbers, that charts, the graphs, and just the facts about wages going up for the lower-income Americans, the middle-income Americans, I’d want to take credit for all of that as well. What else you going to say to it. And that’s The Angle.

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