Illegal Curing of Absentee Ballots did take place in Georgia

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Gil Freemans Facebook post was deemed false by fact checkers, however, his post was backed up by a tweet by DeKalb Democrats asking for recruits to help voters to cure their absentee and provisional ballots.

Gil Freeman Nov. 4th post said
“40,000 rejected vote by mail ballots in DeKalb County need to be cured by Friday or they will be tossed (mismatch signature, etc.), verify your ballot status.”

Gil Freeman canvasser recruitment post from Facebook

The Dekalb Democrats tweet said:
“Help voters over the next few days to cure their absentee and provisional ballots—so that EVERY VOTE IS COUNTED!!!

Recruit canvassers:

Sign up for training TODAY (1pm and 7pm):

About this event

Georgia Democrats website states:
Help us recruit cure canvassers in Georgia! All you need to join is a computer and a telephone. We’ll be calling volunteers in Georgia and asking them to knock doors to help voters through the process of curing their ballots. The deadline to cure ballots in Georgia is Friday, November 6th – let’s fight for every vote!

Georgia Democrats Cure Canvasser Recruitment Phone Bank Website

About this event

Attention everyone in or near Georgia: We need YOUR help today! This race is not over and we need every single vote to be counted.

It is all hands on deck and all eyes on Georgia!

Join us today for a virtual training to learn how to knock doors to help voters cure their ballots. We need you in this fight with us today and tomorrow and Friday. We’ve come so far, this is how we bring it home. See you in the virtual training room and out knocking doors soon!