In just a month, Joe Biden’s approval ratings have started plummeting

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Joe Biden completed one month in the Oval Office on February 20, and come March, the first setbacks in approval ratings have started flowing in. If the statistics which have come to fore are anything to go by, President Biden is about to have his boat rocked big time. The American public is increasingly disapproving of the President, and it seems that many have already started believing that letting go of Donald Trump was a big mistake. But the surge in Joe Biden’s disapproval ratings is not particularly surprising. TFI has been at the forefront of reporting comprehensively about the disastrous policies of Joe Biden as President, which have been bordering on absurdity from the very first day.

According to Monmouth University poll results announced on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s approval ratings have seen a downturn from 54 per cent in January to 51 per cent in March. Meanwhile, the disapproval ratings of Biden have shot up from 30 per cent in January to a whopping 42 per cent in March. The drop in the approval rating also comes with a shift in the people who now have an opinion of the President. The category of people with ‘no opinion’ on Biden in late January has dropped from 16 per cent to 8 per cent.

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