In the Face of Evil – Reagan’s War in Word and Deed

Not One Court in America has Actually Looked at the Evidence of Election Fraud!

Two time award winner for Best Documentary of 2004, In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed is about a man and nation’s courageous journey through the heart of darkness and how that journey inspires us today. This film is not a traditional biopic of Ronald Reagan, but a hard-hitting exploration of leadership and moral courage. Based on Reagan’s War, Peter Schweizer’s acclaimed bestseller, In the Face of Evil, pits the brutality of totalitarian communism against Reagan s inflexible passion to see freedom s light shine on all the people of the world. The film s timeless lessons inspire us as a call to action. Ronald Reagan’s legacy gives us courage to stand tall despite our enemy’s harshest aggressions and to never waver in the face of evil.

In the Face of Evil – Reagan’s War in Word and Deed is written and directed by Steve Bannon with Julia Jones and co-directed with Tim Watkins. the film is narrated by Irene Ziegler and includes Ed Meese.