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Looking back, a year ago I seemed to be a naïve citizen of a world that doesn’t exist today. In just 12 months our planet, and especially the United States, is not recognizable. Our Constitution is moot, and the 9th Commandment a suggestion. The tinfoil hat I’ve worn since 1990 has become a widely popular form of headwear among conservatives, because ALL of our so-called outlandish predictions if we weren’t ever vigilant, have come true!

In January, the “impeachment” was the imprimatur for lying in congress, the media, anywhere. Lies are an accepted form of communication and now there are no repercussions for lying anywhere.

Courts pulled back the curtain that revealed they are not chambers of justice, but places where “just us” prevail. The differences between American citizens’ and illegal aliens’ rights have evaporated. From state courts to the Supreme Court, criminals now go free. They’re even freed because of the virus, only to prey upon the public again.

Voluminous examples of voter fraud have been presented in hearings. Dozens of suits filed in various states. The cases wouldn’t be heard in state courts or the Supreme Court as each washed their hands and said the plaintiffs had no standing. The media, democrats and RINO republicans said the cases were dismissed because the evidence was frivolous, Trump was just whining; but the evidence was NEVER PRESENTED nor JUDGED. These cases weren’t dismissed on merit! They were dismissed because the Deep State has permeated every facet of governance in this country, including the judicial. The “fix” is in and we no longer have fair elections. From this point forward, the Deep State decides the elections with millions of fraudulent ballots, hacked voting machines, and a long list of other ways to fake an election. We are no longer a democratic republic, and when the democrats have the majority in the house and senate, the Electoral College will be eliminated to being just a footnote in American history.

  • Our country has been sabotaged by China and its Covid-19 virus, yet many citizens and politicians refuse to see it for what it is. Myths and disinformation were promulgated regarding surviving this virus. We’ve given up our liberties with businesses being forced to close while big box stores are allowed to stay open. We’re forced to wear masks, stay home, close schools and more, while it’s been proven that only a small percentage of people are at risk. Doomsday numbers are reported of contractions of this virus and deaths, yet when compared to normal flu rates and deaths, they’re approximately the same. The mortality rate in comparison to our population is less than 1%, yet, “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE, UNLESS WE SUBMIT!” We went from, “Wash your hands and don’t touch your face,” to “If you don’t take the vaccine you’ll lose your job and be banned from travel.”

In the years before the virus, we’d been inundated with climate change and the land and seas being choked with plastic. Bags were banned, along with plastic straws and other non-biodegradables. People had to be MORE CONSCIOUS! With Covid, there’s silence. Millions of masks are thrown away and end up in landfills, oceans and lakes. The tonnage of one-use medical supplies has skyrocketed. Plastic cutlery, bags, packaging – all have multiplied. One-use everything has become the norm, while the once strident environmentalists are mute.

The Paris Climate Accord raised its head again, even though air pollution has decreased due to people self-isolating. Ignorant “scientists” think businesses should not only be shut down for Covid, but to benefit the environment. They preach that if there was a living wage, people wouldn’t have to work; they’d stay home and the environment would be preserved. Government would send everyone a check. Checks to all, even illegals. Free health care to all, even illegals. The trillions-dollar debt would explode, as it has with Covid, but more could be borrowed, as before – from China.

Schools have closed due to the virus, even though they’re the least at risk. Governors haven’t cared about the children’s education. Lucky children had parents who could instruct them and make sure they had laptops and study materials. But how many millions don’t have a laptop, don’t have both parents, but instead must rely on a single parent who may have to cashier at Walmart, or clean the wards in hospitals. That parent might be so depressed to be out of work and out of money, not knowing how to pay the rent or buy food – the last thing they can think of is their child’s education.

We now have a wide strata of children who have lost a year or more of schooling. These future adults will be the slaves of China who hold most of our national debt. Trump’s “America First” program was anathema to the Deep State, so there won’t even be low level manufacturing jobs. With all-consuming taxes to support the Deep State’s climate, welfare, health and educational programs, there will be no incentive for success, as an increased pay check will only result in increased taxes in their plan for wealth redistribution.

  • The media is complicit in these lies about Covid. They create and multiply hysteria. They censor information. Social media is the worst. Hundreds of websites are forbidden, videos taken down, search engines restricted and politically prejudicial. Their “fact checking” = censorship. This has been the most Orwellian aspect of 2020.
  • There is a definite ruling class and it consists of politicians and technological oligarchs. Governor Cuomo killed senior citizens by allowing Covid patients to be put in nursing homes but took no responsibility; instead, he got an award. Other governors have shut down their states and created financial ruin. Meanwhile, they’ve dined out and taken extravagant trips denied to their serfs, never to be fined or restrained. Trump should have ignored the 10th Amendment and declared a National Emergency; his guidance on what to leave open and what to restrict would have made more sense. He wouldn’t have ruined this country. Unfortunately, he respects the Constitution too much. Congresspersons can consort with enemy agents now; take bribes, sex, property with no fear of consequences. There will be no reprisal; they won’t even be kicked off the Intelligence Committee.
  • With the virus, the stage was set to steal the election from We The People. Trump’s phenomenal economy had to be ruined first. Then, to “protect” people from the virus, voting laws had to be changed so that there were no restrictions on mail-in ballots and no standard for signature verification. Then, the voting machines had to be able to be manipulated through the internet, and a cabal organized of people to orchestrate this coup. Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent to impeach a president for fictitious collusion, and a phone call to the Ukranian president. Hundreds of lies were told and believed by the FBI, CIA, DOJ, judges, politicians and the media. How could stealing a national election be any problem; even if caught! All these criminals needed was a compliant puppet to run against Trump. It didn’t matter that this candidate had a dark, compromised past, with a son whose pornographic selfies papered the internet; who in partnership with this same son, pedaled influence around the world, and especially to our biggest enemies, Russia and China. This candidate, who could not even get a Top Secret Clearance, was proffered as the democrats’ best, then kept in a basement for the duration of the election cycle in hopes his addlepated mind would not foul his handlers’ plans. The fact this man was the nominee and was fraudulently “elected,” is the biggest crime in American history.
  • This last year, the destruction of federal property has become sport. You are no longer charged or prosecuted for vandalizing, burning or otherwise destroying federal property, much less private property. It’s now a facet of freedom of expression. George Soros financed the winning campaigns of District Attorneys around the country. Dancing to his tune, Soros’ army of violent protesters agitated in dozens of cities creating riots and upheaval. They’ll never be arrested or serve time for their crimes as Soros’ DA’s would never charge them.

    Antifa and BLM took center stage, rioting and protesting against police racism. These people ignore the facts, so they’re not even aware that racism in this country is waning. They don’t know that Donald Trump has increased employment for minorities to a new high, and are unaware that he increased funding to black colleges. Instead, they paint “Black Lives Matter” on city streets, calling the mantra a mural, when they’re just words to be walked upon and driven over, fading in weeks. Police were defunded because of the group’s demands, and what followed was higher crime.

Historic monuments have been torn down as youth no longer study history but instead want to erase it. Building names are changed, and sports mascots eliminated in some twisted notion of righting non-existent wrongs. Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools and businesses as if your color places you inherently at an advantage or disadvantage. Personal sloth or keen ambition mean nothing to what you ultimately achieve – the COLOR of your skin is the dominating factor.

  • Congress has become so corrupt and so confident in their ability to rape “We The People” that the Covid bill they passed had more senseless pork and aid in it for foreign countries than for Americans. Speaker Pelosi, one of the most important people in government, who should be held to the highest standard, said she withheld Covid relief until after the elections. Election results were more important to her than the people she’s supposed to serve. How about if we send a check for $600 each of those countries in her bill, and send the foreign aid and pork money to the American people instead? That bill is one of the most egregious in congressional history.

Most elected republicans are nearly identical to democrats in their desire to cater to special interests, and flaunt the provisions in the Constitution that were put there to stop what is happening now from ever becoming manifest. The callousness and disregard for people’s livelihoods, ability to worship, to go to school, to travel, to earn a living, to recreate, even to speak has become a shadow of the 1st Amendment. It’s even been proposed in plain language that a $200 tax be collected on EVERY rifle sold or owned, and EVERY gun magazine, and that if one does not pay those taxes, they are therefore a criminal, guilty of a felony!

  • What has happened this year? After generations of constant wars, we finally had a president who did not start any wars, but eradicated ISIS and in fact BROUGHT TROOPS HOME! He supported the military, looked out for Americans instead of foreign interests, and reduced regulations so that people could start businesses more easily. He was for school choice, secured our borders, fought human trafficking, and was working to end opiate overdoses. His healthcare plan of affordable insurance for all, with a provision for pre-existing conditions was waiting to go. He took on Big Pharma and Planned Parenthood. His rallies drew thousands who adored him. Their choruses of, “We love you.” brought people to tears. There had never been a president like him as he was a true champion for the people.

That’s why we’re where we are. The Deep State was not going to let this go on and they were going to win by whatever illegal, crooked scheme they could concoct. They created the year from hell, to take down America’s best president.

If you’d told me on December 31st, 2019, that this is what I’d be writing looking back at 2020, I’d have told you that I had no stomach for dystopian fiction about the Deep State and the Grand Experiment, which is the United States of America. The day has come when, as Ron Paul said, “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart