Inside Facebook: Freedom of speech is not Facebook’s goal, supporting Biden is!

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FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Zuckerberg & Execs Admit Excessive Power

Project Veritas videos from inside Facebook show freedom of speech is not Facebook’s goal, supporting Democrats by silencing conservatives is. (see video above)


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: In his first day, President Biden already issued a number of executive orders on areas that we as a company really care quite deeply about.

Nick Clegg, Facebook Head of Global Affairs: But there has been quite a lot of disquiet expressed by many leaders around the world from the President of Mexico to Alexei Navalny in Russia, and Chancellor Angela Merkel and others saying, “Well, this shows that private companies have got too much power and they should be only making these decisions in a way that is framed by democratically agreed rules. We agree with that, we agree with that. Mark could be very clear about that. That ideally, we would be taking these decisions on our own. We would be taking theses decisions in line with and in conformity with democratically agreed rules and principles. And, at the moment, those democratically elect- democratically agreed rules don’t exist. We still have to make decisions in real time.

Guy Rosen Facebook VP Integrity: We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where systems are the detecting that there may be a thread that has has hate speech or violence, in the comments. These are all things we’ve build over the past three-four years as a part of our investments into the Integrity space or efforts to protect elections.

Roy Austin, Facebook VP Civil Rights & Deputy Counsel: I wonder whether or not we can use Oculus to help a white police officer understand what it feels like to be a young black man who stopped and searched and arrested by the police. And I want every major decision to run through a civil rights lens.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: I think these were all important and positive steps [Biden’s initiatives] and I am looking forward to opportunities where with Facebook is going to have to work together with this new Administration [Biden Administration] on some of their top priority starting with the COVID response.



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