Intelligence Officers Who Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop “Russian Disinformation”

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Here are the names of the fifty (50) intelligence officials who signed a letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” None of these officials had a single piece of raw intel indicating it was disinformation. They made it up to help Joe Biden.

  • CIA= Central Intelligence Agency
  • NSA= National Security Council
  • NIC= National Intelligence Council
  • NCC= National Counterterrorism Center
  • NSA= National Security Agency
  • DIA= Defense Intelligence Agency
David Cariens, Former Intelligence Analyst, CIAJonna Hiestand Mendez, Technical Operations Officer CIA
Janice Cariens, Former Operational Support Officer CIAEmile Nakhleh, Former Director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program, CIA
Paul Kolbe, Former Senior Operations Officer, CIAGerald A. O’Shea, Senior Operations Officer, CIA
Peter Corsell, Former Analyst, CIADavid Priess, Former Analyst and Manager, CIA
Brett Davis, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIAPam Purcilly, Former Deputy Director of Analysis, CIA
Roger Zane George, Former National Intelligence OfficerMarc Polymeropoulos, Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA
Steven L Hall, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIAChris Savos, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
Kent Harrington, Former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, CIANick Shapiro, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Director, CIA
Don Hepburn, Former Senior National Security ExecutiveJohn Sipher, Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA
Ron Marks, Former Officer, CIAStephen Slick, Former Senior Director for Intelligence Programs, NSA
Cynthia Strand, Former Deputy Asst. Dir. for Global Issues, CIAGreg Tarbell, Former Deputy Executive Director, CIA
David Terry, Former Chairman of the National Intelligence Collection BoardGreg Treverton, Former Chair, NIC
John Tullius, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIADavid A. Vanell, Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA
Winston Wiley, Former Director of Analysis, CIAKristin Wood, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
Jim Clapper, Former Director of National IntelligenceRuss Travers, Former Acting Director, NCC
Mike Hayden, Former Director, CIAAndy Liepman, Former Deputy Director, NCC
Leon Panetta, Former Director, CIAJohn Moseman, Former Chief of Staff, CIA
John Brennan, Former Director, CIALarry Pfeiffer, Former Chief of Staff, CIA
Thomas Finger, Former Deputy Dir. of National Intelligence for AnalysisJeremy Bash, Former Chief of Staff, CIA
Rick Ledgett, Former Deputy Director, NSARodney Snyder, Former Chief of Staff, CIA
John McLaughlin, Former Acting Director, CIAGlenn Gerstell, Former General Counsel, NSA
Michael Morell, Former Acting Director, CIADavid B. Buckley, Former Inspector General, CIA
Mike Vickers, Former Under Secretary of Defense for IntelligenceNada Bakos, Former Analyst and Targeting Officer, CIA
Doug Wise, Former Deputy Director, DIAPatty Brandmaier, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
Nick Rasmussen, Former Director, NCCJames B. Bruce, Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
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