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According to a new Rasmussen poll, only 32% of likely U.S. voters think the country is headed in the right direction. Given how dismal the state of our Union is, it’s hard to believe nearly one in three inclined to vote think the present track is satisfactory. 

Even more incredible is why we’re so seriously off course. After six months of the Biden-Harris administration, its basically an unbroken record of failures in every area which cannot be attributed to sheer incompetence.

No, the theory that best fits the facts is that we are instead being subjected to a deliberate wrecking operation. Every institution, every policy, every decision appears to be calculated to do the maximum damage to our economy, our sovereignty and our freedoms.

Consider the following illustrative examples of the sort of wrecking operations the Biden team is undertaking:

  • Destroying the southern border in the transparent interest of changing the nation’s demographics so as to secure an electorate that will give the Democrats a permanent majority of voters. As Steve Bannon has observed, the numbers of illegal immigrants entering each month – most of whom are military-age single males – are approaching the size of the army General George Patton used to invade Nazi Germany in World War II. Make no mistake, the Biden wrecking crew has invited an invasion of our America.
  • Devaluing the dollar, inviting the end of its status as the world’s reserve currency and a financial reckoning that will be devastating for our economy, budget and people.
  • Dividing Americans with so-called “anti-racist” indoctrination that actually promotes black supremacism – an application of classic Marxist class warfare strategies aimed at fracturing, destabilizing and ultimately subduing targeted populations.
  • Denying future free and fair elections by enshrining in federal statutes the sort of fraud-prone electoral techniques that have embroiled swing states across the country in controversy, recriminations and audits (including an increasing number of forensic ones).
  • Defunding the police, ostensibly as a catalyst to reform but actually for the purpose of replacing capable law enforcement officers with “woke” ones. The costs of such a “fundamental transformation” – especially to poor, urban communities – are becoming more apparent and egregious by the day.
  • Demoralizing the military with racist training and purges that destroy good order and discipline and unit cohesion, which are vital to deterrence of aggression – and, if need be, to defending us against it.
  • Dismantling foreign policies that were working, including notably, real progress made by the Trump administration in forging bilateral agreements that, until undermined by the Biden team in favor of its appeasement of Iran, enhanced Israel’s security and that of much of the rest of the region. 
  • Deep-sixing the rule of law by treating criminals more generously than victims and Democrats differently, and usually far better, than Republicans. 
  • Discrediting the science and public health institutions related to the Chinese Communist Party virus by a litany of seemingly ever-changing and increasingly incoherent, or at least inconsistent, guidelines. 
  • Derailing Trump’s regulatory reform agenda and saddling the American people, their lives and economy once again with an array of burdensome and costly regulations. 
  • Deconstructing our history, defaming our country and debasing our values by, among other things, acceding to the miseducation of our kids, the tearing down of our statues, the attacks on our courthouses and the shuttering of our houses of worship. These lines of attack are greatly intensified in terms of their harm to our self-confidence and national pride by the inequitable suspending of constitutional freedoms in the name of countering the CCP virus. 
  • Depriving the nation of its hard-won energy security with Biden’s version of the lunatic Green New Deal, soaring gas prices and renewed dependency in world markets on unreliable sources like Middle Eastern suppliers and Russia. 

In short, Joe Biden and the people actually running his administration seem to be applying Lenin’s reported dictum: “The worse, the better.” Their efforts to reshape America are not only systematically destructive. They are coming at us on such a broad front and so fast as to conjure up the perception that resistance is futile.

That is, of course, not necessarily true. But for resistance to be mounted and effective, we must correctly diagnose the source of and reason for the assault now fully underway on all we hold dear. It’s Marxist political warfare of the most dangerous kind: systematic, unscrupulous, well-resourced and relentless. 

And leaders must be found – either among existing elected officials who are not part of the “controlled opposition,” or from the growing number of Americans who feel called to lead in a time such as this. 

For the rest of us, the task must be not only to support such leaders but to help them mobilize our countrymen and women so as to preserve what our “enemies within” seek to destroy – and make a redoubled effort to turn their revolution into a honing fire to render our beloved country still stronger and more unified, free and secure than ever. 

Frank J. Gaffney acted as an Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China.

By Frank Gaffney

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart