Joe Biden’s Music Video: Who’s at the Wheel?

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Joe Biden’s music video “Who’s At The Wheel?” is entertaining, yet profound. You’ll have to watch it more than once to catch all the action in Joe’s life.

Who’s at the Wheel? features Joe Biden driving on a highway with highway signs that relate to Joe’s politics. As Joe drives he gets advice and reassurance from an unknown voice with a Russian accent. Forget about the past, she tells him. Don’t worry about your head-scratching busing policies or your plagiarism or the fact the you only repeat what others have already said. It’s all in your past, Joe. You’re President now. Say what you need to say.

The Voice directs Joe along the highway, telling him to exit on the right. (When has Joe ever turned right?)

It’s not long before Joe’s world goes up in flames and when he finally realizes he is not in control of the wheel he askes, “Voice, who are you”? The Voice says, “You just press on the gas, Joe. I’m taking care of the wheel.”

Joe Biden’s music video “Who’s At The Wheel?” parallels real life. Everyday Americans are asking, “Voice, who are you?” questioning who is really making executive decisions in the Biden White House.

If Biden’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Was Referring to His Efforts to Destroy America and Set the World on Fire – Then ‘Yes’ It Was a Success

Senile and Corrupt Joe Biden claimed ‘Mission Accomplished’ in relation to his efforts in Afghanistan. Was this in reference to his efforts, or Obama’s?

When Obama was elected in 2008, he promised massive change. Unfortunately, Americans had no idea that the change Obama wanted was the destruction of America, the fundamental change of the freest country in history into another communist hellhole. Only the devil would want such a thing.

Obama went about with his mission. He attempted to destroy the middle class and he nearly did it.

He did destroy healthcare in the US by making it free for many while the taxpayers take on the costs. The entire healthcare system in the US is insane thanks to Obama.

Obama also went about the destruction of the Middle East, arming ISIS while giving billions to Iran, two entities representing Muslim factions that have been at war for centuries. It was evil and insane.

Obama led to the election of President Trump.

Obama couldn’t let Trump win another term, so he and his henchmen corrupted and stole the 2020 Election. Immediately, the Biden/Obama Administration went back to its task of destroying America and the world.

After overturning Trump’s actions that gave America energy independence, rolling out trillions in spending, and setting the US on a course to destruction again, Biden/Obama went global – Afghanistan was the result. For starters, the American military was put to shame. On September 1, 2021 Alan Bergestein wrote on Arutz 7, an Israeli publication:

We’ve always believed in the superiority of the American military leadership. US generals and admirals were the bravest and finest. So how did none of them speak up publicly before – not after – and oppose the order to first pull out our troops from Afghanistan and then, without military protection, follow up by evacuating our own (defenseless) civilians and Afghan allies? What buck private would simply hand over $83 billion of our most modern weapons to our enemy? And who among US military leaders nodded in approval when the highly fortified and secure Bagram airbase was turned over to the Taliban, leaving us the use of the single-runway, indefensible civilian airport, located smack in the middle of Kubal?

Then came the infuriating, needless deaths of 13 American service members, and Biden checking his watch numerous times while theyir remains were being received in the US.

Instead of saving the Americans in Afghanistan, the Biden/Obama Administration brought in over 100,000 Afghans, who have not been vetted at all, while ignoring Americans in the country. On September 3, 2021, the Conservative Tree House reported:

As previously noted, the Biden administration State Department claimed approximately 124,000 persons were evacuated from the Kabul airport. Of that number, approximately 6 to 7 thousand were Americans. Now mainstream media [Bloomberg Reporting] is beginning to admit that no one knows who the approximately 118,000 other people really are. This is quite a stunning admission from Bloomberg, putting the spotlight on the White House…”

The continuation of Obama’s policy was announced by US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield:

“US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield addressed a Security Council briefing on the situation in Afghanistan on Monday…The ambassador called on the international community to open their doors to Afghani refugees fleeing Taliban rule. “All Afghan nationals and international citizens who wish to depart must be allowed to do so safely…The United States promises to be generous in resettling Afghans in our own country…”

Biden called all of this an ‘extraordinary success’.

There is so much more to this story. To Biden and Obama, if the destruction of America is their goal, then yes, this was an extraordinary success.

Some sourcing provided by Ezequiel Doiny

By Joe Hoft

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