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‘They’re F***ed’: Joe Rogan Says ‘Canada Is Communist’ Now, Being Led By A ‘F***ing Dictator’

Podcaster Joe Rogan did not hold back his thoughts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying people in that country are “f***ed” because “Canada is communist” and living under a “f***ing dictator.”

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Thursday on Spotify, the host was speaking with guest comedian/author Tom Segura about the COVID lockdowns and regulations in Canada as he admitted that before the pandemic he actually liked Trudeau. Rogan said he thought the prime minister was previously a “cool guy.” It starts at the 1:27:21 minute mark here.

“Canada is communist,” the podcast host told his guest. “They’re f***ed. They gotta get rid of that guy [Trudeau].”

Segura asked how much time Trudeau has left as prime minister, stating that he seemed to be in charge for a while. Rogan admitted he doesn’t “know how their system” works but reiterated that Trudeau is no good.

“I just liked him,” Rogan explained. “I liked him before the pandemic. I was like he’s a handsome guy. … Good looking guy, confident talker. And during the pandemic I’m like ‘oh, you’re a f***ing dictator.’”

“Oh, you don’t like criticism,” he added. “You’re trying to shut down criticism by saying that all your critics are misogynist and racists. You hear he said that about the trucking people. The truckers. He called them all misogynist and racists.”

By Katie Jerkovich

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