Contact Your Elected Officials

Explosive news coming out of Georgia via John Fredericks:

“We’ve got two organizations called OpSec and True the Vote. Heather Mullins from One America News broke this story today on my radio show. There’s coming video where there are basically about 240 what I’m going to call ballot traffickers in Georgia. And so what they did is they went around to the drop boxes all around the state, with each of them averaging about  24 drop boxes each. What they would do is go there in the middle of the night, this is all on video, and they would empty back packs with gloves on full of ballots into these drop boxes.

This is totally illegal, because the way even Stacey’s Law, the illegal consent decree, was written, it’s “one person, one vote” in the drop box. No harvesting.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart