John Sullivan’s Plan to Turn Trump Rally into Violent Riot Shows Up in Chat

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John Sullivan arrest photo and in Trump hat

According to the U.S. Justice Department, John Sullivan, a left-wing activist who supports Black Lives Matter and opposed Trump, claimed to be a journalist documenting the “siege” on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. He was the subject of a criminal complaint in connection with his alleged participation. However, on January 15, 2021 he was was released without bail by Utah Federal Court, which said the DOJ (which didn’t file a detention memo) hadn’t met the threshold to get a detention hearing.

Now, a massive thread from the anti-Trump activist John Sullivan’s Discord chat server, which is believed to be affiliated with Sullivan’s Insurgence USA, shows Sullivan didn’t attend the Capital Breach as a reporter, but rather to to infiltrate the January 6, 2021 Save America March in Washington, D.C.

Bellow is the massive thread from John Sullivan’s Discord server with chat posts by ‘John Sullivan AKA Jayden X’ stating the following. Check out full thread on Twitter.

Text From the Tweets:

John Sullivan AKA Jayden X: “Everyone in the Facebook event there is a link to a Facebook group you should go and join this group as it is for Trumps CUE TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT.” “Counter intel”

AUsername123: Discord, a user by ‘AUsername123’ says “Whoever is going to the counter protest (DC) on the 6th, bring a weapon with you.”

DOGbackwards: User DOGbackwards admits to wearing Trump gear “I had to wear a Trump hat and shirtm.”

John Sullivan AKA Jayden X posting on Discord his gear. Also saying “Civil War and Revolution”

John Sullivan AKA Jayden X talking about all of the State Capital protests across the country. He said “It’s about to get crazy.”

Deaththreat: Discord user “deaththreat” just outed himself in the chat. He said “I was in front line of the battle and know who was there personally.”
He then posts a screenshot from a video and circles himself. @FBI

“Wait so does that mean all the Trump supporters were right?” In regards to Antifa being at the Capital January 6.

Soupforthefamily: Another Discord user “Soupforthefamily” flipping off President Trump supporters on January 6 at the Capital.
His infamous “Counter-Intel” photo wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

Jesse: Discord user saying the cops let them all inside for the coup.

His infamous “Counter-Intel” photo wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

Discord user DOGbackwards admits that “They (Cops) let us all inside” and also said “That was the mantra of the entire coup.” @FBI

Various photos from John Sullivan’s discord.

This individual also admits they are a “well know organizer, you need to blend in.”

John Sullivan AKA Jayden X trying to argue no one would figure out it was him from his own videos.

From Discord Sullivan has maps of DC of different buildings and routes.

On Discord Sullivan says “They catch a bullet if they try some shit.”

User tetrahedron is a bulk ammo dealer that would like to help.

Sullivan telling his followers how to set up burner phones.

Another Antifa event in DC on January 6. Link does not work anymore.

Sullivan posted in his discord server “How to make wipes for chemical weapons”

Sullivan posted these fliers claiming MAGA are holding a Nationwide rally on January 17 for the Second Amendment. He doesn’t post the source of these images. My opinion is he made them himself for more chaos.

He posted the flier on his Instagram and said “I just got new intel about #TrumpInsurection a 2nd Amendment will be *STAGED* for #TrumpCoupAttempt on Jan 17th,2020”

Sullivan posted the flier in Discord and stated “Lol, this is going to be a war”

VIDEO: John Sullivan created a tutorial on YouTube called “Here is a full guide on how to keep yourself safe during protests and direct actions.”

On Discord today a username Kang said today “You can’t think it was just Trump supporters.” “THERE WERE TONS OF ANTIFA MEMBERS BUT WHY WOULD THEY RAT THEMSELVES OUT.”

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