Kandiss Taylor For Governor of Georgia

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President Donald Trump and Kandiss Taylor


Second Amendment

#1 Gun Safety Rule-Carry one! Our founding fathers thought it was important enough to make this our 2nd Amendment Right…Not our 7th…for a reason. We have to be able to protect ourselves not only for safety but from a tyrannical government.

Election Reform

Every legal vote shall count. No excuse absentees ballots and Dominion MUST GO! Fix 2020 now!


Let Ice do their job. Quit handcuffing our immigration and customs enforcement officers. No Sanctuary Cities or Counties in Georgia. Protect our GA ports of entry.


Let us TEACH!

Education, as a whole, has been controlled and dictated by mandates for too long enough. It is beyond time for educators to have the autonomy to utilize their degrees, be respected and honored, and allowed to teach! We are under appreciated by government. This must change for the future of our profession and our students! 

Pro Life

Life is something that is given by our Heavenly Father. This is something miraculous that only He can oversee. We play God when we decide as a government who has the right to life. That is so not the government’s role!


Georgia is the 8th Strongest Economy in the Country. Economic development across the state, Georgia Grown, and infrastructure are three areas I will focus on. Farming is the oldest industry in Georgia and has been here for over 3 centuries. 1/7 jobs in Georgia are agricultural related. It’s not just important for our economy, it is vital for our survival!

About Kandiss Taylor

Dr. Kandiss Taylor is a South Georgia native and is currently employed as an educator with a local Board of Education where she has been for the past 19 years.  

Dr. Taylor is the wife of Ryan Taylor who is also an educator, and together, they share three school aged children. She is passionate about education, mental health, the working class, less government overreach, small business, gun rights, right to life, rural Georgia, our farmers, the economy, and election integrity. Put simply, Jesus, Guns, and Babies! When asked what made her decide to run, she responded, “I can’t complain about what is going on if I’m not willing to do something about it. The Governor’s budget is 60% education, and who better to clean things up than a public school educator who knows where and what to cut!”

Public service is not new to Dr. Taylor. She has served in a public school system as a 3rd grade teacher, school counselor, testing coordinator, student services coordinator, and homeless liaison. “The welfare, education, and safety of our children are of utmost importance to me. I want to see the focus of our government move to issues that matter and impact our daily life. It’s time to move away from the manipulation of special interest groups. Money and power have no place in influencing our public servants,” she said. 

Kandiss Taylor is running to give Georgia an option that is non establishment, honest, conservative, and a true representative of We, The People.

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