Kari Lake Talks “Election Deniers”

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Kari Lake answers reporters questions at the Black Voices For Kari Lake presser on October 17, 2022.

George (Reporter): “The question is, over the weekend, everybody, you took the Google all over the world. Your name was ringing everywhere and one of them, yes Ma’am, cuz I have the scale, and one of asked, most of them were asking is she an “election denier,” Kari Lake? And that was like going around on all cable news. Why don’t you elaborate on this.”

Kari Lake: I’m actually shocked you asked that question, George. Actually, Anthony, where is Anthony? Here Anthony. You know, I did a little, actually Anthony, Anthony, how old are you?

Anthony: 20

Kari Lake: Are you a journalist?

Anthony: No

Kari Lake: Well, you did better research than half these people.

Let’s talk about election deniers. Here’s 150 examples of Democrats denying election results. Oh wow, look at this.

This is from, this is from Joe Biden’s press secretary. Reminder Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams. Democrat saying that. Is that election denial?

Oh look at this. Just heard Republican Ryan Costello said it would be difficult for Stacey Abrams to win because she lost her state bid. And yet she’s still claiming she never lost.

This is out, Hillary Clinton, “Trump is an illegitimate president’. Is she an election denier?

This one says, Was the 2016 election legitimate? It now definitely is a question worth asking.” That’s the Los Angeles Times.

So, it’s okay for Democrats to question elections, but it’s not okay for Republicans?

It’s a crock of BS, every one of you knows it. We have our freedom of speech and we’re not going to relinquish it to a bunch of fake news propogandists.

If you want a copy of these, I’m sure that Anthony would help you get a copy and help you learn how to be journalist, but look it up. Its been happening for a long time. Since 2000 people have questioned the legitimacy of our elections, and all we’re asking is that, in the future, we don’t have to have that happen any more.

When I’m Governor, excuse me. When I’m Governor we’re going to make sure we have honest elections. We want the Democrats, the Independents, and the Republicans to all know that their vote counted. We want fair, honest and transparent elections, and we’re going to deliver that for the people. But just remember guys, this is one page after . . . Hillary Clinton says George W. Bush was selected president, not elected. So, lets start, if your going to start throwing around terms like “election denier,” let’s remember who the other elections deniers were, Hillary Clinton and all the Democrats.

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