LA solicitor general: Biden’s call for ‘carbon’ climate reparations would be at least $9.5T, maybe 3x more

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Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill discusses Biden’s remarks back from the recent G20 climate summit, in which he called for the United States to pay for the ‘social cost of carbon’ or reparations for climate damage. Murrill comments that the motivation for this type of initiative is to “create weapons to attack fossil fuels and the industry.” Saying that “social cost of carbon,” is a “is one of the tools that [fossil fuel opposition] has come up with, that would help them accomplish that, it’s a made up number that purports to measure the global harm that is created by a single metric ton of carbon being added to the environment. But once they come up with this number, then they start applying it to everything. And because we breathe carbon dioxide out, cows emit methane, industrial processes, and fertilizer and concrete, and all of these things emit these other greenhouse gases. So you start applying it across the board to everything. Now you can control the rest of the entire regulatory environment by trying to impose the social costs and say, Well, every time you take ‘X’ action it causes this damage, globally to the environment, and destroys the planet.” Saying, there is “no there’s no statues that actually authorize [the Biden Administration] to do this.,” and the cost right now is at $9.5 Trillion, is based on old-Obama era numbers, not the current administration’s number they’ve come out with, which would “quadruple the $9.5 Trillion.”

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