Latin American Media: Migrants Marching North for Title 42’s Funeral

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Never mind last-minute legal delays, untold thousands are already at the international starting line, with many more on the way

AUSTIN, Texas – In a “social phenomenon never seen before in the history of the region”, according to one media account, indigenous Miskitos, Tawhkas, Perch, and Garifunas peoples in Honduras began vacating their traditional subsistence lifestyles in December and heading for the American border.

Also in December, U.S.-bound migrants from 40 countries so overwhelmed the small southern Mexican town of San Pedro Tapanatepec in Oaxaca State that it declared bankruptcy and was forced to shutter a massive government shelter on December 17 and expel more than 15,000 immigrants onto a desolate highway with no food or water. All headed north.

In Nicaragua, tens of thousands of young men and women in December began forming lines three-days long to get the passports necessary to exit the country and head for the U.S. border. The Managua scenes indicated a mass exodus so significant that one prominent Nicaraguan economist lamented in a local newspaper that “It breaks the soul to see the children with their backpacks … to see how the country bleeds to death. We are losing the best. They are leaving by the thousands.”

Near the Central Mexico city of Camargo, a freight train traveling north with more than 1,000 immigrants on its rooftops smashed into a dairy farm trailer crossing the tracks. No matter. Four hours after cleaning up the spilled milk and patching up six injured immigrants, police let all thousand get back on the train tops to continue their journey to the U.S. border.

These and other anecdotes from a random CIS survey of Spanish-language media reports from throughout Latin America validate intelligence community predictions that President Joe Biden’s already historic two-year mass migration crisis is indeed entering a next-level phase, increasing from today’s roughly 7,000 Border Patrol apprehensions a day — the most in U.S. history by far already — to as high as 18,000 a day.

Democratic politicians, the Biden administration, and migrant advocate organizations have begun blaming the influx on “smuggler disinformation”, global migration patterns, and even on Republican lawmakers for saying aloud that Biden policies created an open border.

By Todd Bensman

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