Law Firm Boss Sued Over Dispute in Firing Pro-Trump Employees

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Three Minnesota attorneys have filed a lawsuit against their former boss, alleging that he wrongfully fired employees because they posted pro-Trump or pro-police content on social media.

William Kain, Margaret Henehan, and Kelsey Quarberg, all partners of the St. Cloud-based law firm Kain and Scott, are suing Wesley Scott, the law firm’s president and managing partner, for alleged wrongful termination, StarTribune reported on June 9.

According to the lawsuit, Scott was upset by the Capitol breach on Jan. 6 and sent an email in April to all the lawyers in the firm saying the “traitors on Jan. 6” should’ve been shot.

He then allegedly asked an operations manager to fire two “racist” employees because they had posted pro-Trump and pro-police content on social media, the lawsuit claims.

The manager refused to do so. Scott then allegedly fired the manager and an employee, threatening to fire another. The three partners told Scott that it’s illegal to fire employees for their political beliefs in Minnesota. Scott fired the three partners in response.

The complaint alleged that Scott called police to remove Quarberg, who is pregnant, saying that she was trespassing and physically threatening him.

Kain and Scott’s website has removed the biographies and contact information of the three partners. The website claims the firm is the top Google-reviewed bankruptcy law firm and the oldest bankruptcy law firm in Minnesota.

The future of the law firm is unknown because the three partners own 50 percent of the firm and have asked the court to dissolve the firm to pay them for their shares.

Scott owns the other half of the firm, according to StarTribune.

Scott told StarTribune on June 8 he hadn’t seen the legal complaint and couldn’t comment yet. Quarberg said that their attorney had advised her and the other two partners not to comment.

The three attorneys are seeking other remedies as well, such as back pay and benefits.


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