9 Ways China Created a Pandemic that Have Nothing to Do with the Wuhan Lab

Chinese Communist Party and WHO could have helped prevent COVID-19 pandemic
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The resurgence of a theory that the Chinese coronavirus first began infecting people through an accident at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has rekindled outrage towards Beijing but presents the danger of obscuring the many actions China took to spread the disease regardless of where it originated.

  1. Turning a Blind Eye to Illegal Wildlife Sales in Wet Markets
  2. Destroying All Early Virus Samples
  3. Arresting and Silencing Wuhan Doctors for Warning of a Disease Outbreak
  4. Failing to Test and Isolate Potential Coronavirus Patients
  5. Hosting a “Family-Style” Banquet for 130,000 People a Month into the Pandemic
  6. Cutting Domestic Flights, Letting 5 Million People Leave Wuhan
  7. Blocking Warnings from Taiwan to the W.H.O. that the Virus Was Contagious
  8. Telling the W.H.O. the Virus Was Not Contagious
  9. Selling Faulty PPE, Test Kits, Vaccines to the World

A poll by the Trafalgar Group published this week revealed that most Americans believe the virus leaked from the laboratory, known to have been studying bat coronaviruses at the time of the onset of the outbreak. Concrete proof of the theory would likely lead to calls for China to lose its sovereign immunity in America, allowing Americans to sue the Communist Party for the damage done. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Breitbart News in an interview this week that Congress is, indeed, considering legislation to allow such lawsuits.

Americans, and all world victims of the Chinese pandemic, deserve answers regarding the virus’s origins, but the speculation has distracted from the facts already in plain sight: the actions the Communist Party took to hide the pandemic, actively spread disease, punish medical experts, and use global health agencies to spread misinformation. The Chinese Communist Party may or may not have created the virus itself, but all evidence indicates that it absolutely did create a pandemic whereas there would have been at worst a regional epidemic.

Below, nine of the most egregious actions by the Communist Party that created ideal conditions for the spread of contagious disease accelerated the spread of the virus once already detected and prevented prompt and appropriate containment.

Important to note while reading: China first alerted the W.H.O. to the discovery of a new pathogen in Wuhan on December 31, 2019. Wuhan officials locked down the city on January 23, 2020. Leaked Chinese government documents revealed the first diagnosis of novel coronavirus in Wuhan occurred on November 17, 2019. The government of Taiwan warned the W.H.O. in an email in late December that it had evidence of an infectious disease spreading within China.

By Frances Martel

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