Leaked White House Audio Of DOJ Lawyer Mocking Religious Exemption

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Jack Posobiec: Human Events Daily has exclusively obtained leaked audio from a White House official of a phone call that took place in late September between DOJ lawyer Marty Letterman and the rest of the staff the White House. This call was regarding religious exemptions and religious accommodations. Listen to what this DOJ lawyer had to say about religious exemptions when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Marty Letterman: Cases, for instance in the New York case that’s currently going on against the state of New York, the Thomas More Society is representing a bunch of doctors and nurses who claim that they would sin gravely if they acted in cooperation with the evil of abortion. How would they be doing so? The claim is that all three of the current vaccines either have fetal cells that were, that were obtained by abortions in the vaccine itself or in the case of Pfizer and Moderna, that those vaccines were tested using fetal cells that had been aborted and even connection to the previous testing makes them cooperative with evil in a way that their religion prohibits. I don’t want to say anything to categorical, but I believe that when this claim will be very difficult for agencies to successfully claimed that’s either insincere or non-religious, even if it is. Even if we know that many of those claims are not are sincere or are sincere but not religious. This is the most common claim you’re going to confront, probably. And it’s likely that you will have to take as a given, the employee claim. Not always, right. One response that some hospitals have started to give is, Will do you know that Tylenol, and Tums and Preparation H, those were all tested using aborted fetal cell lines, too.” And I expect that employees, “Well, I didn’t know that, but now that you tell me that, I’ll stop using those products as well.” And then, then we will turn to what the government has to do once the employee makes that showing. And here, basically there is a compelling interest, obviously in keeping our workforce and the public in which we interact safe from COVID.

Jack Posobiec: So I want to be incredibly clear about this. What he saying is, now we know that many of these exemptions, these religious exemptions, accommodations, may not be sincere, that the employees are not sincere in their religious beliefs. So this DOJ official thinks that it’s incumbent on him, he is the one to decide what your religious beliefs are. He’s the was the one who gets to make the decision whether or not you have a duly held religious belief. This is who is running our government, ladies and gentlemen. These are the people at the highest levels of the United States administration under Biden. They will determine whether you’re sincere or not and listen to his words, listen to specific words that he uses. We know that most of them aren’t sincere. And then it brings up this, you know, this joke and just Kennard, complete Kennard. Frank Luntz and I got into it over this on Twitter recently when he talks about aspirin. Aspirin has been used for hundreds of years. These go back to Bayer, the 18 hundreds. Willow root has been used for thousands of years, right. This is a complete Kennard. But they know that they can use this up to try to sow dissension and doubt and ever and uncertainty on you and on your religious beliefs. And I said this before the pro-life community, this is the Seminole issue. If you are pro-life, you need to step up and say it’s time to end abortion testing, right. Be firm on this. Vegans won’t eat honey. Universities will pay reparations for something that happened hundreds of years ago, right. So when it comes to this, even if it is distant, you need to demand that companies in the United States be better. And when it comes to this, be firm. If you are a federal employee, you need to sue. You need to sue the federal government, sue your administration, sue your agency, whatever you’re in, take them to court. You have First Amendment rights to religious protections under the United States of America, and you either have your right or you don’t. I’m sorry, I’m very sorry, but you’re going to have to fight for them, because that’s the situation we’re in here today.

Now the White House official that gave this to us, we thank them very, very much for providing this information to us and we’ll continue, by the way, to provide more inside information as to what’s going on inside the Biden Administration as to what this regime is pushing on the federal workforce and to the people that do have sincerely held religious beliefs, as opposed to what DOJ officials and what Biden and everybody else are telling them, that they ought to believe, and what they should believe, no, no, no, they’ll tell you what they believe.

The Government Has Tipped Their Hand

BOMBSHELL! Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec releases audio of a Department of Justice attorney (Deputy Assistant Attorney General Marty Lederman) briefing the White House on how the religious exemption argument will be used against the vaccine mandate on the basis that the vaccines were created using fetal cell lines from aborted babies. The attorney concedes that the argument is valid and should prevail.

“They’re not talking about how do we makes sure we accommodate people’s religious practices, how do we uphold the First Amendment. No, no, no, no, no. He’s looking at this from a perspective of how do we crack down and impose these mandates on the federal work force…. Mark my words… The next thing they’re going to do, it’s not just going to be airline employees, it’s going to be airline passengers. It’s not going to be retail companies. It’s going to be retail customers.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart