Live From Studio 6B: CrazyTown – Extended Joe Biden Edition

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This is the extended version of Live From Studio 6B’s CrazyTown on Joe Biden. Live From Studio 6B is a news, political and current events program created by seasoned veterans of television programming heard on AmericasVoice.


Well, let’s get to CrazyTown, they are my extended edition of CrazyTown. So let me preface this by saying, none of these clips are edited in any way. This is exactly what he said, how it happened, where he said it, when he said it. So this is, this is a good look back on a lot of our CrazyTowns we’ve had for Joe Biden over the last couple times. So here we go CrazyTown extended edition Joe Biden. Roll it, G.

Live From Studio 6B

Live From Studio 6B is a news, political and current events program created by seasoned veterans of television programming. Live From Studio 6B will offer serious political talk, sports and entertainment news and have some fun doing it. The show is designed with topics that reach an affluent audience – news, political, sports, entertainment. We try and make the case for liberty, each and every day, making political commentary even better. Share your opinions and experiences, and tips by interacting via our social media platforms during the show.

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