Will you survive when Gotham is under siege?

Preparing yourself to survive when police can't help and politician’s won't!

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What to do when Gotham (New York City) is under siege.

In the Batman movies, the general theme was that Gotham (New York City) was under siege by criminal gangs and they were on the verge of taking over the city. Politician’s and the police were helpless and unable to stop them, that was until Batman came to the rescue. However I don’t think we ever expected that real life would imitate Hollywood so closely?

Riddle Me This

When politician’s release hard core felons (through bail reform) encourage violent riots, ignore attacks on civilians, prefer to arrest civilian’s who are trying to protect themselves, order the police to stand down, are trying to defund the police, and cheer when American statues are being torn down — who are our real enemies? Politician’s — and the Media!  Even Batman couldn’t win against these odds — he would be scared out of his tights.

Where We Stand Now

Crime, looting and personal violence have skyrocketed in all major cities across America, including Atlanta,  Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Los Angelas, Portland, Seattle and NYC, and these are just a few of the cities that underwent mass destruction and violence.

The Enemy – American Socialists

In NYC violent crimes have gone up 600%, and police are leaving the force en mass because the mayor is protecting the criminals. The Mayor cancelled Stop & Frisk, a well proven method of getting weapons off the streets. Complaints were that too many blacks were subject to this humiliation, even though hundreds of blacks were caught with weapons. There are currently dozens of violent rampages by criminals all over the city. Many attacks in NYC occur in local parks, it’s mainly black on white violence and consists of shootings and stabbings.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Violent Marxist Groups!

It’s abundantly clear that the recent so-called peaceful riots in American and foreign cities were overwhelmingly violent. They were well-planned, well-coordinated, and the rioters were paid. The two most visible violent groups were Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Behind the scenes they are supported and funded by two international Marxist groups “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” and “Liberation Road” they have links with China, North Korea and Palestinian terrorists. Other groups include The Sunrise Movement (manipulate children for their ends). The United Nations — the largest anti-American organization in the world now flies the Antifa flag alongside its own.

Police and Civilians Are Being Attacked and Killed

These individuals have so far attacked police and innocent civilians leaving victims with critical injuries and death. So how do these events affect us directly — currently the average citizen has no protection — we are all on our own. Some innocent bystanders have been seriously injured by just being in the area — and some have been murdered.

Prepare To Fight Back

If these individuals have no fear of attacking the police, do you think they will hesitate to attack you? It’s vital that we all clearly understand that we are at the brink of a civil war. If President Trump wins in November, then the REAL violence will begin. We all have to prepare and train ourselves to deal with this heightened anarchy. After they topple the statues, civilian’s will become the next target. Everyone needs to get firearms and train to protect themselves, their family and home. There may not be any police left to help us. Make up your mind to fight back.

Defending Yourself From the Undead – Lessons Learned

For years I have coached individuals from security agencies, government, military personal and law enforcement in the use of edged weapons and unarmed defense. I have also received feedback from Tier-1 operators who had first-hand experience with flash mobs around the world. They all say, when surrounded by a violent mob it’s important to realize that they are there to cause extreme physical harm and if that means murdering innocent civilians, all the better. Politician’s are protecting them, they won’t be prosecuted, save your life anyway you can!

Weapons they Use To Attack You

Rioters use baseball bats, clubs, 2”X4”s, skate Boards, heavy locks on chains, knives, bricks, dangerous fireworks, cinder blocks, fire, hammers, axes, acid attacks. More recently they’ve added AR-15’s and handguns.  make no mistake, their aim it to severely injure you and if they kill you their attitude is that you deserved it. They are fearless and know they will not be arrested.


Many of these rioters are using skateboards to hit people, they grab the wheels on one end and flip it over to strike your head. If someone is starting to spin/flip their skateboard at you, rush at them low, body slam them hard, you still may get hit but you are saving yourself from extreme head injuries or even being knocked out.

Fire Attacks — Being Set on Fire

There have been a few occasions when rioters have set people on fire,

if you see or smell gas or any flammable substance, get out of there fast if that’s not possible and they have already poured a flammable liquid on you, run up to the attacker and grab him tightly — or run towards a pack of rioters and grab them tightly. There’s a chance they might not light the match — if they do, they will go with you.

Protecting Your Home

Recently on June 29th, in St. Louis, more than 300 violent rioters broke through a gate and onto PRIVATE PROPERTY and threatened a couple with death and the burning of their home. The media said it was a peaceful protest (on private property?) However they accidentally forgot to show the person on the right (in the photo) aiming an automatic weapon at the woman. The couple were legally well within their rights to protect their lives and home, however the radical anti-white racist prosecutor “Kimberly Gardner” is working diligently to fabricate charges against them.

To protect your home, a licensed 12-gauge shotgun or high caliber rifle is recommended (AR-15). Remember never to point your gun directly at the mob — for long-guns use a sling and point the muzzle downwards. With handguns keep the gun in the holster until you need it. If the rioters are charging at you, shoot quickly, but not the head, and not the legs but the chest cavity, the “Thoracic Triangle.” If they run away, you cannot shoot them in the back unfortunately, many innocent home defenders have been jailed because they did so.

Install cameras around all entry points, not only to see who is out there but to be aware of any potential risks. Once you know they are rioters (and not the police) and you have an AR-15, don’t be stingy with your ammo, share at least 50 rounds with your uninvited visitors, and don’t forget that old bump stock you have laying around.

What Kind Of Weapons Should You Have?

The two most versatile long guns for home defense are the AR-15 and the 12-gauge Shotgun. Go to the range and teach your family how to shoot. Even hard-core gun-haters are now purchasing guns for their own safety. Here are some things not to do: Walking on the street with a long gun is probably not the best idea. Many politician’s have ordered police to arrest anyone carrying a long gun in public (except rioters) under the pretense of being a vigilante. In addition, have your long gun registered. When you are driving, bring your long gun in your vehicle, close by, in case the worst happens, but check your local laws first.

Hand Guns

Hand guns are the next best thing after a long gun, however you need to carefully follow the laws of your state. Even if you are technically and legally in the right in defending yourself from a violent attack, you could still go to jail if your break a minor rule. If you can legally carry, pack enough ammo, 50 rounds of jacketed hollow points is a good start. There are cities like New York where you cannot get a CCW — it’s a felony if you carry without a permit. They will lock you up for years if you do so. Never open carry even if it’s allowed in your state, it makes a lot of people nervous.

 A 10mm automatic is a good choice against large crowds.

You Can’t Fight a Crowd

Against rioting crowds the only effective way to defend yourself is with guns, even if you are a UFC world champion, you will be enveloped.

Defending Yourself While Driving A Vehicle

A trucker was driving in Minneapolis on I-35, he saw hundreds of people trying to block him, he blew his horn to scatter the crowd, however he made the mistake of slowing down too much and stopping, suddenly a massive crowd of the undead pulled him out of the truck, they nearly beat him to death. The media of course reported the crowd as peaceful?

We have all seen Anifa and Black Lives Matter people stopping cars in the media, pulling people out of their vehicles and kicking and stomping them to the point of incurring critical injuries. If you are driving in your vehicle, and you see a crowd, speeding up and running these people may be construed as attempted murder — remember, politician’s are protecting the rioters and will try to prosecute you. Instead DO NOT STOP! Lock your doors, close your windows. If you can’t back up, proceed forward through the crowd at a medium to slow speed but fast enough so they are unable to break your windows and pull you out. Just recently in Utah an individual shot a driver in an SUV, just because he was white and didn’t stop.

Edged Weapons

After firearms, edged weapons are the next best choice. Sometimes you just can’t get to your gun in time but you can pull out your knife. However fighting with a knife against a crowd is completely different than defending yourself one-on-one. The type of knife is important as are the tactics. Large knives, swords or machetes are too long, they can be knocked out of your hand with a bat or a pipe. You may get one or two good whacks in but that’s about it, and most folders are too small and single edged.

Best Type Of Knife Against The Undead

  • Fixed Blade
  • Double Edged
  • Black Blade
  • Blade Length 4”- 5”
  • Grippy Handle (apply sticky tape, tennis wrap-grip tape)
  • A hole in the handle for a lanyard
  • Have a guard to prevent your hand from slipping forward
  • High quality Paracord for a lanyard

You want a fixed blade because they are more reliable, less moving parts. A double-edged blade is preferable due to the way you will need to protect yourself. A medium size blade of 4”- 5,” is best. A black blade is better because it can’t be seen as easily as a shiny one, especially at night. The most important part of any knife is the handle, unfortunately most knives come with small and slippery handles made of micarta, plastic or metal, even TPE tends to slip, just add sticky skateboard tape, rubber, or tennis-grip-wrap.

Best Knives For Protection

The type of knives I recommend are easily obtainable from several manufacturers, some are called boot knives and should come with a sheath, you can get them from companies like Schrade, Walther, Smith & Wesson, MTECH, etc. and you can purchase them through Amazon or eBay. Don’t spend more than $20, you will throw it away afterwards.

Positioning Yourself

If it’s too late and you are already enveloped by the mob. Do not stay in an open area. Quickly run and situate yourself against a wall or building, or a building alcove, this is to ensure you can’t easily be surrounded. Grab your knife, put the lanyard around your wrist (so the knife doesn’t fall from your grip) and hold/conceal the knife next to your leg — until action is needed.

Never fully extend your arms forward to stab, or bring your arms up to slash or hack, your arms can easily be grabbed by the crowd or they can be hit with a pipe, bat or some other improvised weapon.

Defending Yourself From Rioters With A Knife

If you hold the knife in your right hand, place your left hand on top of the right hand to add stability. Keep both elbows close to the body, and keep the flat of the blade parallel to the ground, and as the fists and hands start coming your way, shoot the knife out in small bursts, stabbing and cutting as you swivel your torso left and right. This is the reason you want a double edged blade, anything that comes towards you will be cut. The goal is not to kill, it’s to inflict painful cuts to make an opening so you can escape, and gain distance from the mob. When holding the knife keep all fingers wrapped around the handle, don’t ever post your thumb on top of the blade, your hand can easily slide forward cutting off your fingers.

Legal Considerations

Of course you just can’t stab people at random, only if you feel your life is in danger. There was an incident where several individuals were trying to stab a young girl, she instinctively reached out to protect herself, and she got an attackers knife in her hands. As she was pushing away the mob, unbeknownst to her, the knife was still in her hands, and the attackers were impaling themselves on their blade she was holding — fortunately she made a safe escape.

It’s Starting To Get Worse!

NYC just defunded the police by $1billion. Other cities will soon follow. What do you think will happen next? Since January 2020 there have been more than 500 shootings in NYC, 82 Innocent people have been killed. The mayor continues to release felons from prison, he orders the police not to wear protective clothing and not to fire on the rioters who try to kill them. In these situation the rioters often turn and kill their own. Don’t think you are safe even if you agree with these terrorists, several people were killed inside of Chaz, and a photographer who sided with Black Lives Matter was shot and killed by them recently. It’s up to you to defend yourself — but avoid getting caught.

Be Untraceable

When mobs attack and kill innocent civilians, prosecutors in blue cities don’t follow up with criminal charges, but as we have seen they will aggressively go after innocent people who try to defend their lives. To them defending yourself is racist! Police are between a rock and a hard place, most of them are on the right side but they have to do what they’re told — otherwise they’ll be suspended. Let’s not help the prosecutors find us if we have to to defend our lives!

Be The Gray Man – Appearance and Behavioral Camouflage

What if you are going to work and you are suddenly caught in the middle of a protest? Observe what the undead are wearing, blend in, don’t stand out! it’s usually “informal terrorist chic,” e.g. T-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers, bicycle helmets etc. A Che Guevara T-shirt is hardcore, take it out of your bag and put it on, raise your hand and make a fist, if you speak Spanish tell them you are from Venezuela and you will be accepted as royalty. If you are caught in the middle of a crowd, chant what they are chanting, move in the same direction but slowly — lag behind, then exit quickly. In case you work for a corporation keep a set of clothes in your office to change into.


The myth that all fingerprints are unique comes from the Sherlock Holmes novels, it’s not true, some fingerprints are very similar, lets not make it easy for the bad guys to find you. To delete fingerprints from any surface hold the object with your shirt or a fabric/glove in your other hand and rub/smudge the part you held, smudge back and forth with your fingers, however your DNA will still be on the object, use bleach to clean the DNA off — keep a small vile on you. “May the Bleach be with you!”

When wrapping a handle of an object you want to use as a defensive tool with tennis-grip-wrap, or skateboard tape always wear gloves because your fingerprints can be found on the inside of the tape.

They Can Track Your Phone

All cell phones are absolutely traceable — You don’t want to be traced. Many people ask me, why should I make my phone untraceable? Because if you are in an area that’s been taken over by the undead and you happen to defend yourself, you will certainly be tracked and visited by authorities.

Police can track anyone who is in a certain area by IMSI catchers, aka “Stingray” Technology (look it up). It can see through walls, it’s a digital “Search & Seizure” tool. The best way to deter this is to LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME. If you can’t, then purchase a pre-paid cell phone with no GPS option. See the directions for this setup in the link.

How to Make a Cell Phone Untraceable

Once the police have your information, sympathetic hackers can locate you. You really don’t want them to know who you are, especially if you have just defended your life against one of their own. There is also another solution, get a “Faraday Bag.” This accessory will protect you from tracking technology including GPS and RFID.

Faraday Bags

Are made of a material that blocks electric fields from passing through it. Smartphones have built-in radios: GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, NFC, GPS, and bluetooth. Each of these communicates wirelessly by sending and receiving information through the air in the form of radio emissions on different frequencies. If you put your smartphone inside of a faraday bag, no radio emissions will be able reach it, all of its messages will fail to penetrate the bag, military grades are best.

Buy Faraday Bags on Silent Pocket

Faraday bags for cell phones on Amazon

Your License Plate Can Track You

If you are driving along and happen to come across a rioters, don’t slow down to the point where they can break your windows and drag you out, proceed along at a speed appropriate enough to escape — don’t worry about running one over, however, they can record your license plate and report you to an over zealous prosecutor. Purchase a license plate blocker or flipper, not to avoid tolls (you will be arrested), but to hide the plate information from the rioters. Ask around at local car mechanics and garages. Check your state laws first.

License Plate Flippers



Always carry a bag, either a cloth or leather attache-briefcase. Cases like these, as shown in the photo are your first line of defense against any knife or impact weapon attacks. This is the first thing taught for knife defense. It’s important to keep them light enough to use as a shield. You will also be able to keep your survival supplies inside.


Getting hit on your head with a skateboard, pipe, axe, baseball bat or chain can ruin your day — or even your life. Get protection, effective protection includes bicycle, skateboard and climbing helmets; you won’t look out of place. Amazon sells all types of these helmets.

For one-on-one protection, crow bars and rebars offer a great way to block, deflect and counter strike.
For one-on-one protection, crow bars and rebars offer a great way to block, deflect and counter strike.


For one-on-one protection, crow bars and rebars offer a great way to block, deflect and counter strike. You can get rebars at a local lumber supply and ask them to cut it for you, also trim the sharp edges. Use short versions of the tools, 16”- 20.” When buying a rebar cut it down to a size so you can carry it in your attache case. They also come in various thicknesses, get the one you can easily handle. Sew fabric around it so it looks like an innocent toy. Walking canes are a good defense tool against single attackers. However get some actual training if you haven’t done so before, Arnis and Escrima, are Filipino martial arts that teach stick and knife techniques and are a better alternative to unarmed defense which is useless against a crowd.


Tasers are a great way of stopping an attacker in his tracks however it’s not a weapon you can use against a crowd, it’s a one-on-one defensive tool. There are a huge variety of tasers, the ones you want to avoid are the ones that look like guns — for obvious reasons, and the large flashlight models, which are too large and heavy. The ones you should look into are the hand-hold variety that can’t be confused with a gun. Also, there are some individuals that can’t be stopped even though you have tased them. Here is a review of 5 models, that are available for purchase on Amazon.


If two or three individuals are running towards you, Bear Spray can make their life “Unbearable.” Be generous with your Bear Spray, it can work wonders in stopping the threat and will give you a chance to escape however it won’t be effective against a large crowd, you will also have to be mindful of blowback. Note: Some people are not affected by OC spray but Bear Spray might give you enough time to quickly escape.

This link leads to some high quality bear sprays.

This link leads to OC Spray antidote information – read instructions.

Protecting Your Eyes From OC Spray Attacks

If you see rioters using OC spray or you see a cloud/fog of spray put on your goggles to protect your eyes. They should be tight fitting. Swimming or safety goggles can work, also bring along a mask to protect your nose and mouth, it also works well as a disguise.


If you have just defended yourself it’s important to get out of the area immediately, DO NOT WAIT FOR THE POLICE, Perform a self-triage to make sure you are not inured. Always carry a compact medical first-aid kit in your bag, Use super glue for small cuts. If you are injured go to the nearest clinic or hospital to get treated – even for small wounds, you never know. Dispose of any items you used to defend yourself. 

The Complete Guide to Using Super Glue for Cuts

First-Aid Kits


The peaceful protests as the media calls them seems to produce many extraneous bullets flying all over the place. It may be a good idea to cover your center mass from random and peaceful intrusions if you encounter the undead.

Bullet-Proof Backpacks & Inserts

Tuffy Packs Bulletproof Inserts

Premier Body Armor Bulletproof Backpacks and Bags


If you have just defended yourself, you need to get to a safe place fast, and you might have to change your appearance. You also don’t want to be arrested for defending your life. There are cameras everywhere, and many people take videos with their phones. A baseball cap is a good start, it covers about a third of the face. However, you don’t want the rioters to call out, “hey, get the guy in the blue baseball cap,” once you gain some distance quickly change your cap for a different color one, from your bag (but not a red one).

Since everyone is wearing a medical mask do the same, but turn it inside out, if it’s blue on the outside, turning it inside out, it becomes white. Or bring along a black mask. Sunglass are also a useful disguise. On the street, don’t look up, keep your head tilted down to avoid local CCTV cameras. Take out a different color polo shirt from your bag in case you need to change. Although facial recognition systems can read through many face coverings, you won’t really need to be overly concerned with them if you are on the street and cover yourself up.

Police don’t treat facial recognition as evidence for a court presentation. If you are going through a corridor in a building or transportation hub and you know they have facial recognition software, tilt your head sideways, more than 15 degrees. In general the software will not be able to read your face.


This is really important, if you see someone being attacked, please, please don’t just stand there and take a video, help them if you can, they could easily be a member of your family. If you see a policeman surrounded and attacked, help him or her, they are our last line of defense.


You can’t always tell where these protests will erupt, many of them are flash mobs that are coordinated on Twitter. The best way to avoid these violent situations is to be forewarned. Try to find out where these protests will be held, some websites have protest calendars online. If you see police barriers and many police vehicles make sure to get out of the area fast. If you hear chanting from a distance get out of the area.

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