Humanity approaching herd immunity to COVID-19 but main stream media suppresses recovery numbers

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According to new reports, humanity is approaching a herd immunity to COVID-19 due to rising recoveries from the virus. However, mainstream media has been ignoring the recovery numbers. One America’s Kristian Rouz finds out why.


Host: New reports find that humanity is approaching a herd immunity to covid-19 due to rising recoveries from the virus. Here’s One America’s Christian Rose.

Dr. Ron Paul: Herd immunity is something that we’ve beensupporting and nature supports that. 

Kristian Rouz: Herd immunity to COVID-19 is just around the corner new studies say, suggesting humans are rapidly building natural protections against the virus. That’s according to at least two new studies by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University Hospital Tuebingen in Germany. These studies find that at least 30% of humans now have COVID specific antibodies which means they’ve been exposed to weak samples of the virus and effectively equals a natural vaccine.

Dr. Ron Paul: Herd immunity is essentially here, it’s coming. Like yesterday when up you put up the chart to show where the death levels were from the coronavirus which is down to zero. I said, maybe the epidemic is over.

Kristian Rouz: However the mainstream media continues to stir coronavirus fears while ignoring basic science behind herd immunity projections. Everyday CNN, MSNBC and others show millions of Americans their on-screen graphics that only reflect COVID cases and COVID deaths. They also amplify health officials’ denial of herd immunity.

Doctor: This is s new normal at this point, until we can get a vaccine or herd immunity but we’ve had to adapt to that. 

Kristian Rouz: However what’s mainstream media doesn’t show is the number of recoveries from coronavirus. According to the CDC 1.2 million Americans have defeated the illness while 1.5 million are still infected which leaves full recovery rate at 44% so far and going up. Meanwhile scientists say herd immunity for flu and ebola starts at 33% and at 50% for SARS and COVID-19. Humans become fully immune when 66 to 83% of all cases result in a recovery. 

Scientist: Humans that recover from sars COVID 2 infection do so largely because of their antibody response, and we can see that those antibodies are bound right on the surface exactly at the point that the viral protein needs to get into cells.

Kristian Rouz: But despite the data, Anthony Fauci insists the U.S. is unlikely to develop herd immunity vaccine is necessary, although he claims the vaccine may not help either. But scientists in Sweden and Germany disagree, saying herd immunity is a natural equivalent of a vaccine. In this light some officials in the U.S. appear to be fueling the covid panic to keep economic shut downs in place and gain leverage and upcoming elections.

Joe Biden: The pandemic is getting worse not better.

Kristian Rouz: However actual sign says the more Americans recover from covid-19 the closest herd immunity is, which would make economic lockdowns and even a vaccine redundant, while also making coronavirus attacks on President Trump entirely meaningless.

Dr. Ron Paul: And yet, we point out that some of it is deliberate. That means some people benefit from it, you know, the epidemiologist and the people who make the drugs and all this. And some people even called it the planned chaos, of the people who benefit from this. And that’s what’s going on now, They don’t want you to know the truth.

Kristian Rouz: This may explain why mainstream media is withholding  to meet with holding the recovery numbers from millions of Americans.

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