Media and Democrats ‘clearly overreached in their anti-Trump obsession’

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says the media and Democrats have clearly “overreached in their anti-Trump obsession” as the fallout of the death of George Floyd gets evermore political.

Mr Kenny said it has been an “shocking” 10 days within the United States following the death of unarmed African-American man George Floyd while in police custody.

“The racial tensions have been heartbreaking, and the lawlessness has been sickening”.

However, he said the fallout of Mr Floyd’s death, which has seen widespread protesting, looting, violence, deaths and arrests, the focus is now shifting to President Trump.

“Most of the media are intent on making this all about Trump, even when the issue has always been primarily one about city and state law enforcement methods, and mostly in Democrat controlled cities and states”.

“The polarisation over this is issue so extreme, and the focus on Trump from his political enemies and the media is so obsessive that they don’t really want to hear from him”.

He also said a “new flashpoint” is begging to emerge “with protesters and activists now demanding the defunding of police” in the country, a move which is winning support within some circles.

He said the media has continued to play “the same old anti-Trump games they always do”. “Here we are in an election year, and law and order is now going to be a major issue, and it looks to me like the Democrats are getting onto the wrong side of it”.

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