Expand* The Court Says AOC and Dems

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeters
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“Expand the court,” says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If the Democrats get control of the Senate and the White House, and retain the House of Representatives in next week’s national elections, they will have the power to make sweeping changes to the Supreme Court, including packing the court by expanding the number of justices beyond the current nine.

*The left’s new euphemism “expand” still means to “pack” the court.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets

“Expand the court”

“Republicans do this because they don’t believe Dems have the stones to play hardball like they do. And for a long time they’ve been correct. But do not let them bully the public into thinking their bulldozing is normal but a response isn’t. There is a legal process for expansion.”

Ilhan Omar Tweets

“Expand the court,” Omar wrote on Twitter Monday night. “Remember that Republicans have lost 6 of the last 7 popular votes, but have appointed 6 of the last 9 justices.”

“By expanding the court we fix this broken system and have the court better represent the values of the American people,” she added.

“The Senate GOP rammed through an extremist Supreme Court justice in a sham process as a final abuse of power before Election Day.

We can’t let them get away with their corruption and hypocrisy any longer. Let’s mobilize like hell these last 8 days to end their destructive reign.”

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