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Mike Gibbons is a liberty minded, fiscal and constitutional conservative who will stand up for our Bill of Rights and to stop our endless wars. Mike will fight the radical liberal policies being pushed by the Biden Administration by championing smaller, limited government principles in D.C. ~ Senator Rand Paul

On The Issues

Washington is broken, and career politicians have failed us.

Politicians have undermined our ability to create jobs. They’ve wasted our money on pet projects and failed programs. And they’ve created a corrupt system that has led to back-room deals, special favors, and an out-of-control bureaucracy.  

The left is bent on fundamentally changing the principles America was founded on. America is the greatest country in the history of the world, and we should be proud of that. The guiding ideals of faith, family, and freedom are fundamental to our way of life and should be celebrated. The left seeks to demonize and divide our nation for the purpose of power. I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch leftists destroy our country. 

I’m not a politician. I don’t want to go to Washington so I can rub elbows with heads of state or get rich or seek the next higher office. I want to be a citizen legislator and represent Ohioans to make our state an even better place to live and raise a family.

My experience is in the real world- running a business, raising my family, and helping my community. I believe Washington needs that experience to fix its mess.

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I’m 100% pro-life, and I believe that all life must be protected.

If you send me to the Senate, I will vote to immediately defund Planned Parenthood and end late-term abortion. I will also vote to confirm originalist justices to the Supreme Court who could overturn Roe v. Wade.

My mother was adopted, so this is an issue that is close to my heart. I owe my life to my grandparents who gave my own mother a loving home.

We need to end abortion in America, but we must do it with sympathy, support, and the understanding that we’re all here by the grace of God. Let’s foster a culture that respects and supports life.

Second Amendment
I am a Constitutional Conservative, and I will never waver in my support of our Second Amendment rights. I’m a gun owner, a lifelong member of the NRA, and a member of a shooting club.

Our Founders wrote the Second Amendment to protect our God-given right to keep and bear arms. They had just fought and won a war against the most powerful empire on earth, as farmers and tradesmen took up arms in the cause of liberty.

Our Second Amendment is one of the most important fundamental rights we as Americans have and we must stand up to those who seek to strip us of that right.

Immigration and Border Security
Joe Biden is directly responsible for the crisis at our southern border. The unchecked immigration is out-of-control. We are a country of immigrants, but we must control our own borders to exist as a sovereign nation, and we must continue to build the wall that was started under President Trump.

We can’t afford millions of people flooding into the country, working for lower wages off the books, but still qualifying for taxpayer-funded government programs. It’s not fair to the people who are competing for those jobs, paying their taxes, and following the law.

On top of that, our border crisis has led to increased human trafficking. This is modern-day slavery and an injustice that must be stopped. Humans should not be sold and traded because Washington liberals don’t want to address the truth of a crisis they created.

Biden’s border crisis is also undermining all attempts to control the opioid epidemic– as there is an influx of illicit drugs at our border. This opioid use and abuse has affected millions of Ohioans, destroyed lives, families, and communities in every corner of our state and across the country.

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Our healthcare system is a mess. We need true healthcare reform, and that starts with recognizing that the focus should be on healthcare, not health insurance.

Healthcare providers should compete to serve you. They should be working to offer the best possible care at the best possible price. Patients should demand full transparency in healthcare billing, and healthcare providers should list the true price for every service and procedure up front and in clear language. And we should be able to see the quality of care as well – success rates, infection rates, everything.

The role of government should be minimal: we need to make sure we have a state-based system that covers pre-existing conditions and provides ways for people to purchase insurance who truly need help.

Job Creation
Politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do. I have created jobs. I know firsthand that businesses create jobs when taxes are low and government gets out of the way.

When businesses are freed from high taxes and burdensome regulation and red tape, they will innovate, expand, and grow. More jobs means higher wages for every worker – when businesses compete for workers, they have to increase pay and improve benefits.

Here is what I will do in Washington:

Reduce taxes and have a simpler, flatter tax code;
Eliminate the loopholes that only benefit the well-connected special interests;
Create a tax credit for every job that a business adds; and
Reduce the regulatory bureaucracy that makes it costly and difficult for businesses to create jobs.

I know how to create jobs for Ohio, because I’ve done it. Career politicians haven’t. It’s time to send a businessman to Washington.

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National Security
I believe in Ronald Reagan’s adage of “peace through strength.” The world is a safer place when America is strong and confident in its role as a force for good. Our allies need to be able to trust us, and our enemies need to fear us.

My son is a Navy pilot, and I will ensure that our men and women in uniform have the best equipment and training in the world. We must continue to invest in high-tech weapons systems to make sure our military has the tools they need to win any battle.

And when it comes to the use of military force, we must be cautious but decisive. We should not engage in endless wars, but once we commit troops to battle, we must support them and let them win.

National Debt
Our national debt is out of control. Politicians have spent too much of our tax dollars on wasteful programs, and Joe Biden wants to waste at least $6 trillion more.

The solution is simple. Stop the excessive spending. If we rein in wasteful spending from our national budget, we could reduce our debt in a reasonable timeframe.

We can also accomplish this without making any changes to Social Security or other social safety nets.

Here are some egregious examples of government spending:

Providing federal grants to study how cocaine affects the sexual behavior of Japanese quails;
Super Bowl ads to promote the census; and
Maintenance and upkeep of abandoned federal buildings.

And the list goes on, but yes, it really is that simple. Most politicians don’t understand economics, which is why we are in this mess.

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Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory has no place in schools. It is a radical Marxist ideology that divides us along racial lines and forces our children to learn to assign guilt or victimhood based on skin color. That’s racism.

America is not a racist country. America has not always lived up to its ideals, but that doesn’t mean the ideals were wrong.

Standing up to Critical Race Theory proponents is our responsibility. We need to remember that government – at all levels – answers to us. We need to forge stronger communities, churches, and civic organizations. We need to fight against the politics of division and hatred that’s coming from the Left.

Government Reform
An important step to fix Washington would be to enact term limits on all members of Congress. Career politicians are the problem, not the solution.

Election Integrity
The 2020 election was a disaster. There was evidence of fraud in last year’s election, and it should be investigated fully.

There is a problem when half of the country doesn’t trust the election results. This comes after four years of the Russia collusion hoax and Nancy Pelosi objecting to the certification of Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

We need smart reforms to make sure our elections are secure–starting with voter ID and an end to ballot harvesting. The American people should have faith in our electoral system, and we need to make changes to ensure what happened in 2020 doesn’t happen again.

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About Mike Gibbons

Mike Gibbons was born in Cleveland and grew up in the working-class suburb of Parma, Ohio. His father, Gene Gibbons, was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. Mike played football at St. Ignatius High School and Kenyon College, and went to work early – first with a paper route, then as a landscaper, later on construction crews and the factory floor.

After earning degrees from Kenyon, Case Western, and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Mike Gibbons went into the world of business.

In 1989, at the age of 37, Mike Gibbons launched his own company. That company became Brown Gibbons Lang & Company. In an industry dominated by prominent New York and Chicago firms, BGL used its Ohio roots to help dozens of homegrown Ohio companies expand and add jobs, providing strategic and financial advice and much-needed capital. Mike Gibbons has also served as Managing Partner of the Cleveland Crunch professional soccer franchise, Co-Owner of Cheboygan Tap & Tool, and Co-Owner of Northern Lake Properties. Mike Gibbons has been honored with numerous awards for his business successes, including Entrepreneur of the Year for northeastern Ohio from Ernst & Young in 2002, along with former partner Scott Lang.

Mike Gibbons served as Ohio Finance Co-Chair for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016 and gave even more money to the Trump re-election campaign in 2020. 

In June of 2017, Mike launched a campaign for U.S. Senate. Starting with zero name identification, he went on to win 38 counties and 32 percent of the vote in the Republican primary.

Mike and his wife Diane Gibbons raised five children. Mike coached youth sports and still serves as the color commentator for “Catholic High School Game of the Week” football games. He is active in the Cleveland non-profit community, serving on the Board of Trustees for Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, the Visiting Committee for Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management, and the Board of Visitors of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He has previously served as Vice Chair of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, and on the Board of Trustees for Ohio-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Finance Advisory Board for the University of Akron College of Business, the Board of Directors for North Coast Professional Sports LLC, the Board of Trustees of Magnificat and St. Ignatius High School, and the Board of Trustees of the Great Lakes Theater Festival.

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