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Bellingcat, a group that is weaponizing America’s national security apparatus against Americans, specifically Trump supporters, has teamed up with MSNBC to produced a “bombshell” expose of the evil and nefarious “Capitol Siege” of Jan 6th. However, Darren Beattie of Revolver.News took to Twitter in real time and comically shows just what a train wreck the Bellingcat’s documentary really is.

Beattie says of the documentary:

“Even without watching the documentary, one can gather from the thread how weak Bellingcat’s case is. Their evidence of an “insurrection” was so flimsy that they resorted to an interview with a Democrat Capitol Police officer who speculated about what “might have been” — that is, what might have been had the Capitol Police not ended the insurrection by shooting Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

If the big conclusion is ominous speculation about what “might have been”, the hidden and embarrassing implication is there was a whole lot of nothing.

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Screen capture of comical Tweet thread showing Darren J. Beattie’s (Revolver.News) reactions to MSNBC Insurrection documentary:

Revolver.News Twitter Feed on MSNBC Jan 6th Insurrection Documentary
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