Murkowski Is Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer

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Alaska has been stuck with a fake Republican as senator for years, but not for long. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been rejected by the Republican Party of Alaska and told she can’t run for re-election as a Republican. Kelly Tshibaka has been endorsed by President Trump and joined the “War Room” today to talk about her fight for Americans and Alaskans.

“This race is going great. Everybody up here seems to be upset with Lisa Murkowski. She has the lowest approval rate of any senator in the U.S. Senate ever because I think her true colors have shown through Trump’s administration, and we’re tired of her. She actually wrote part of the infrastructure bill … It’s not the infrastructure bill. It’s the Green New Deal… and it’s going to kill Alaska. It’s the Anti-Alaska Bill. We’re gonna get charged for anything that produces carbon… and everything we do up here produces carbon.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart