Name of Seal Team Six Member Revealed: Islamist Call For His Death

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No Easy Day Cover

The name of a member of SEAL Team Six who took part in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden has been revealed by media outlets. This particular SEAL has written publicly under the pseudonym “Mark Owen,” and has provided his account of the raid in a book titled “No Easy Day.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute is reporting that certain posts on and went beyond merely mentioning “Mark Owens,” and have actually published photos of him and called for his death. Others have called not simply called for his death, but for him to be made a “living example” in a “dark day.”

In other posts, the U.S. is ridiculed, and accused of “cowardliness and fear” for concealing the identity of our SEAL team members. (No mention was made of why the majority of Islamists who behead Westerners do so with their identities concealed.)


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