Nazi Medical Policy Is In Play – It’s Only Just Beginning

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This segment begins with a report on COVID lockdowns for the unvaccinated in Austria and Germany and then looks at how the media are cheerleaders for medical oppression. Author Naomi Wolf, who has been predicting the worst policies of the progressive left to use Covid as a tool to gain power, talks about where we are today.

“Every morning I think I’m waking up in America, and then I realize by 10 o’clock in the morning I’m living in an Orwellian dystopian nightmare, and that’s where we are. In Austria, people who are unvaccinated are going to be locked in their homes… This is straight up Nazi methodology. … Mengele is not the only Nazi doctor. It started exactly like this. It started with the medical establishment aligning with policy makers to  create second class status for non-citizens or sub-citizens, marginalize them, strip them of access to public spaces, access to professions, access to universities, and start to deny them medical care.”

Then listen to War Room’s European correspondent Ben Harnwell talk about the harsh oppression in Europe, as well as hope for the future with a new nationalist candidate arising in France.

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