New wave of COVID-19 is not the fault of the unvaccinated

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China and open-border policies are to blame

Why are President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly blaming and shaming “unvaccinated Americans” for this new wave of COVID-19?

It’s time to think. Our own government is trying to demonize one group of Americans. Why?

This lie is so over-the-top, Pinocchio would object. Bernie Madoff would think twice.

I personally have many vaccinated friends and fans. But just read the news. New York Yankees players who were vaccinated have COVID. Olympic athletes who were vaccinated have COVID. Texas Democrat lawmakers who were vaccinated have COVID. The White House is hiding a large outbreak of COVID among their vaccinated staffers.

In Israel, the government admits a majority of new COVID cases are among the vaccinated. The UK government admits a large share of new COVID cases and hospitalizations are vaccinated.

In Cape Cod, Massachusetts there is a large COVID outbreak among the vaccinated. At Stanford University there is an outbreak of COVID among the vaccinated students.

It’s happening everywhere. Yet Mr. Biden, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC claim this new wave are almost entirely among the unvaccinated. This isn’t just a lie. It’s a whopper. It’s pure fraud.

Why would our government tell such a lie? Why would they want to shame and blame unvaccinated Americans, when vaccinated Americans are experiencing the exact same wave of illness?

What are they covering up for? Or more likely, who are they covering up for?

Culprit number one is China.

China is to blame. China sent this bioweapon our way. China is pure evil. This is China’s pandemic. China is on the hook for $10 trillion or more in damages. China is guilty of mass murder. China caused a worldwide economic Great Depression.

By Wayne Allyn Root

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