Nikki Haley: US corporations need to shed their China hypocrisy, practice what they preach to Americans

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Communist China’s horrible record is on full display

Everyone knows the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” We were all taught it as children, and we’ve all taught it to our children.  

But somewhere along the line, the leaders of some of America’s biggest companies rejected this wisdom. They’ve chosen to talk a big game about social justice at home while propping up injustice abroad, especially in Communist China. “Hypocrisy” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Look no further than the list of primary sponsors for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing. About half are U.S. companies. Many of them, like Coca-Cola, have spent the past year talking about “racial equity” and criticizing commonsense voting rights bills like the one in Georgia. Yet these companies have no problem ponying up $100 million or more for an event that will glorify one of the most tyrannical countries on earth.  

Communist China’s horrible record is on full display. It trampled the people of Tibet. It wiped out Hong Kong’s freedom. It makes near-daily threats against democratic Taiwan. It covered up the origins of the coronavirus, leading to the worst public health crisis in a century. And China’s leaders are guilty of genocide against the Uyghurs – a fact formally recognized by the United States. 

Beijing has imprisoned more than a million Uyghurs, forced them into slave labor, and committed horrible crimes against women and children. The companies backing China’s Winter Olympics are whitewashing this genocide while sending out press releases on democracy and “equity.”  

Of course, the Olympics sponsors aren’t the only example. They’re just one of the most recent. Another embarrassment is everyone’s favorite phone manufacturer: Apple. 

In America, Apple portrays itself as the company that protects privacysupports voting rights, and fights systemic racism. In China, Apple is planning to store its user data on servers essentially run by the Chinese government. The company’s leaders – and everyone else – know full well that the Communist Party could access that information. It could use it to sniff out dissidents, stifle debate, and further strangle the Chinese people’s freedom. Apple also reportedly benefits from China’s Uyghur forced labor.  

By Nikki Haley 

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