NY Bill To End Declawing Cats, But What About Killing Babies?

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The state of New York has finally passed legislation that will protect innocent lives from needless suffering.

Oops, it’s not unborn babies they are protecting. Babies can still be aborted under New York’s abortion law for any reason all the way up to the moment of birth.

This new bill was passed by the New York state legislature to protect innocent cats from what they are calling the “cruel and barbaric” practice of declawing.

The New York Times reports it like this:

New York lawmakers on Tuesday passed a ban on cat declawing, putting the state on the cusp of being the first to outlaw the procedure.

New York State joins several cities in banning declawing, including Los Angeles and Denver; several other states, including California, New Jersey and Massachusetts, are also considering bans, according to the Humane Society of United States, which hailed the New York bill.

“Declawing is a convenience surgery, with a very high complication rate, that offers no benefit to the cat,” said Brian Shapiro, the group’s New York director, adding that the procedure causes “an increase in biting and litter-box avoidance, which often results in the cat being surrendered to an animal shelter.”

The declawing bill now awaits the signature of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (who is really more of a dog guy); on Tuesday, he said his office would review it. If the bill becomes law, those who violate it could face a $1,000 fine.

So, in New York, unborn babies are not allowed the basic rights of a human being, but, by bipartisan vote, the New York state legislators have determined that cats should be allowed stricter protection than unborn babies.

What is wrong with this picture. Declawing of a cat is called a “convenience surgery” and so is abortion for many who state that they are not ready to raise a child. So, by that rational abortion is also a “convenience” procedure. Only it completely disregards the inconvenience to the human child whose life is ended.

The bill is awaiting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature, and then New York residents will no longer have the right to choose to have their cats declawed. They will have to travel to another state for the procedure. However, they will still be able to kill their unborn baby for any reason and at any time in New York because that is completely legal. Is that ironic?

When the same state that allows the slaughter of unborn children to go unhindered, yet pats itself on the back for taking the moral high ground as the first state in the nation to protect cats from declawing, that shows that something is terribly wrong.

Cats should not be declawed because it takes away the animals ability to defend itself, so we are not against this legislation, but New York passed one of the most horrific pro-abortion laws in history, which puts thousands of defenseless human beings at risk, but it’s willing to take a stand to protect cats?

Cats are born ready to protect themselves as their claws are already extended at birth and can’t be retracted until they are around four weeks old. But babies do not have the same defenses. They depend on their parents to love and care for them in the womb by what they eat and drink and by allowing them to be born. Without their mother’s protection, the baby is doomed. Defenseless unborn babies deserve a chance to live and we must support those states that have stood for life by passing “heartbeat bills” to ban abortion the moment a heartbeat is detected.

The video below show the different types of abortions and how they are performed.

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