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Pacific Legal Foundation is a nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans’ liberties when threatened by government overreach and abuse. We sue the government when it violates Americans’ constitutional rights—and win!

Each year, PLF represents hundreds of Americans, free of charge, who seek to improve their lives but are stymied by government. We give them their day in court to vindicate their rights and set a lasting precedent to protect everyone else.

At PLF, we believe in individual liberty: when people are free to live peacefully and productively, without interference by government, they improve themselves, their families, and their communities

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Our Values

We are freedom fighters.

Liberty is our obsession—we live and breathe it. When it’s threatened, we act decisively to protect it.

We are relentless.

Our pioneering spirit spurs us to take big, bold swings. We never rest on past success. Our eyes are aimed squarely on the future.

We elevate others.

We trust and invest in our clients, allies, and each other. We believe that—together—we can change the world.

We are confident.

We know liberty will win.

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Your Fight is Our Fight

The American citizens who fight the law with PLF come from every corner of the country and from every walk of life. Even when government stacks the deck against them, they choose to stand up for liberty and justice for all.

What We Fight For

Property Rights

“The right to own and use your property is the guardian of every other right. Without it, your freedom to exercise every other right is limited.”

But too often, government limits the responsible and productive use of property or tries to take it without providing the compensation required by the Constitution.

Free Speech

One of the hallmarks of a free society is the ability to speak your mind and hear ideas and information from others.

Freedom of speech is necessary to sustain free thought and free action. Both our intellectual and economic lives depend on the exchange of ideas and information. The courts have rightly given strong protections to some kinds of speech. At PLF, we work to defend your speech from attempts at censorship and extend that protection to other important, but neglected, kinds of speech. Our practice includes:

Economic Liberty

The right to earn an honest living free from unreasonable government interference is a basic element of a free society.

This liberty once shared the same legal protection as other civil rights, but today, courts provide less protection for economic freedom than for other personal rights. The result has been an unceasing expansion of government interference in our economic lives that threatens people’s livelihoods while stifling innovation and creativity.

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Equality Before the Law

Every person should be treated equally before the law.

It’s central to our country’s values and the rule of law. Historically, some of the worst violations of equal protection involve classifications by race or sex. It is unjust for the government to discriminate among its citizens, providing some more and others less liberty based on immutable characteristics.

Separation of Powers

Our Constitution established three separate branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.

Each function checks and balances the others in order to protect liberty from government power. However, modern regulatory agencies have accumulated all three functions, becoming lawmaker, executive, and judge. James Madison referred to this concentration of power as “the very definition of tyranny.” We are headed in that direction as modern regulatory agencies increasingly control every major aspect of our lives.

Under our Center for the Separation of Powers, PLF fights to rein in this unconstitutional “fourth branch” and to restore the proper structure of our government.

PLF at the U.S. Supreme Court: 14 victories and counting

PLF’s record of success at the Supreme Court is unmatched by any other organization of our kind and on par with the ACLU—with a fraction of the staff and resources. Read More

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