Parents Taking Action to Stop Critical Race Theory in Local Schools

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How Parents are Stopping Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

In April, a group of conservative and concerned parents organized in Loudoun County, Virginia, after deciding their school board’s overbearing policies and liberal mandates went too far.

After a year of frustration with the Loudoun County Public Schools board, Fight for Schools was formed as a PAC (Political Action Committee) and started the petition process of recalling six of the nine board members for “neglect of duty, misuse of office, and incompetence in the performance of their duties.”

On its Facebook page, Fight for Schools says the board has continued “to fail in its response to Covid-19” by keeping schools closed and “focusing instead on the implementation of a politicized curriculum that is dividing the county.”

Specifically, the parents’ group opposes the board implementing the very dangerous and Marxist Critical Race Theory, undermining what parents believe is best for their children’s education. In addition, six school board members were exposed for being part of a private Facebook group that conspired to illegally target “unwoke” parents and local businesses that spoke against the indoctrinating curriculum.

Friends, this is just one example of what is happening in some of our local school systems. As parents, it is imperative that we know exactly what is being taught to our children.

This is more than a fight for a specific policy goal. This is a fight for our children and an education that will give them the critical thinking skills needed to succeed. It is a fight for their future.

AFA has put together a few resources to help you understand exactly what Critical Race Theory is and the danger it presents to children and our nation:

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I encourage you to take time this summer to learn more about the curriculum your local school district is planning to use this fall. Some states are already taking steps to prohibit Critical Race Theory, while others are embracing it full tilt. Knowing what your school is teaching is the first step in learning how you, and other parents, can guide the education of your children in the public school system.

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