Republicans call for Dr Fauci to be fired or resign after umpteen U-turns on COVID and its origins: He now tries to DEFEND giving $600K to Wuhan lab to study how viruses can transmit from bats to humans before the COVID outbreak

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  • House Rep. Warren Davidson called for firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Davidson, a Republican from Ohio, introduced the ‘FIRED Act’
  • FIRED stands for ‘Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal’
  • Republicans have blasted Fauci over mask guidance, origins of coronavirus 
  • Fauci on Tuesday appeared before a Congressional budget committee
  • He defended the spending of $600,000 on the Wuhan laboratory 
  • Scientists now believe it is possible that COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan lab
  • Fauci said the money, to be spend over five years, was ‘modest’
  • He denied again that the cash was spent on ‘gain of function’ research
  • The controversial experiments make viruses more deadly or transmissible 
  • On May 11 Fauci and Rand Paul sparred over how the U.S. funding was spent
  • Fauci insisted it was not spent on ‘gain of function’; Paul said it was
  • Trump on Tuesday reacted with delight at people now believing ‘lab leak’ 

Republican lawmakers demanded Dr. Anthony Fauci be terminated from his role as the nation’s top infectious disease expert after he was accused of flip-flopping on key COVID-related topics like mask-wearing and the origins of the coronavirus.

House Rep. Warren Davidson, a Republican from Ohio, on Tuesday proposed the ‘FIRED Act’ – whose acronym stands for ‘Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal.’

‘Dr. Fauci is at odds with the [Centers for Disease Control],’ Davidson told Fox News.

‘He has repeatedly put political science ahead of the science on COVID-19.’

Republicans have criticized Fauci and other public health officials for telling the public to refrain from mask-wearing in the early days of the pandemic before reversing the guidance as the case count increased nationwide last year.

Fauci’s critics also seized on comments he made criticizing the decision by Republican governors of Texas and other states to lift mask mandates in March.

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At the time, Fauci, other epidemiologists, and top Democrats, including President Joe Biden, blasted the decision as premature – though COVID-19 cases have continued to drop in those states as well as nationwide.

House Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, a Republican from Pennsylvania, told Fox News on Tuesday that the mixed messaging from Fauci was ‘nothing new.’

‘He has been wrong, intentionally deceptive, and inconsistent throughout this entire pandemic,’ Reschenthaler said.

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