Patriots, Stand Up

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It is the end of the year, a time for reflection. Let’s think back to two defining moments in U.S. history. . .

No one expected it when, in December of 1941, our nation was hurled into a war. But Americans united to overcome fear, and fought and won to save the cause of freedom. “Remember Pearl Harbor” became a battle cry, a thing to remember. It was a thing worth remembering because of the honorable, patriotic way in which Americans acted.

How different it was in 2020 with the coronavirus. It wasn’t a war, yet in a way it was. We don’t have a specific day by which to remember it, for this time the enemy was more domestic than abroad, and more psychological than real. It marched our way as a virus that had us soon placing all excuses on the “pandemic.” There was no unity, only dissension. The world seemed to simply shut down as our rights were stripped away in order to shelter science and health. We were controlled and motivated by fear; not by patriotism. The red, white, and blue did not fly. All we could see were masks waving in our faces. And vaccinations, touted by the “health experts” as necessary, made our world a sick place, in both meanings of the word.

Our world changed rapidly in those days. Now, the problem with America is that she has nothing to cheer about. We need no boosters; what we need is a shot of patriotism. People can so easily get whipped up into a passionate frenzy about minorities, the poor, health, school lunches for children, and things of that sort. But when someone stands up on the soapbox and talks about defending rights, or about Washington and Jefferson, or what was fought for in World War II, there doesn’t seem to be such a universal reaction. Is this because patriotism is going extinct? Or maybe because being patriotic about our nation is now considered partisan?

Well, this Christmas has come and gone, as all other Christmases have come and gone; we are faced with the prospect of another year. For many, this is exciting. Others feel only a sense of dread. What has 2022 gotten us? Nightmares in the news. A crashing economy. Soaring gas prices, soaring food prices, soaring everything prices. What can we expect from 2023 but for things to get worse?

More than ever before, America needs something to cheer for. America needs something to cheer about! This is where we the people come in, because it just so happens that everyday Americans are the people on which the fate of this nation depends. Nothing can start happening in our country until her people start to act.

What do we need in 2023? We need more flags waving from front porches. We need more parents to expose their children to the ideals that have been fought and died for. We need more people to defend traditional American standards in everyday conversations with neighbors and friends. In plain English, we need a revival of that thing called patriotism.

There are countless patriots in America, silent and waiting. We can’t just sit back on the sidelines, can we? Together, with God’s help, let us make 2023 a year remembered for being red, white, and blue.

Patriots, stand up.

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