Pentagon’s Priorities: Destroy U.S. Military Readiness, Weaken National Security, And Assist With Murdering Babies.

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The Pentagon has announced they will implement a new policy ensuring service members’ travel and lodging expenses, and time off, will be funded for abortions if they reside in states that limit and ban the procedure. The guidance change is designed to address the perceived retention problem among female service members following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision in June.

“Our Service members and their families are often required to travel or move to meet our staffing, operational, and training requirements. Such moves should not limit their access to reproductive health care,” Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin wrote.

This directive may face headwinds considering that travel for reproductive health care was not previously covered by the DOD. Additionally, military members and their families utilize Tricare insurance which under federal law prohibits payment for abortive services. And then there is the restriction in place that dictates Federal medical facilities, including those on military bases, can only provide abortions if the life of the mother is in danger or if a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, according to the Hyde Amendment.


The Pentagon will pay for service members to travel to obtain abortions, in a move the military says will ease the burden on troops who wish to receive reproductive care and are stationed in states where the procedure is no longer legal, the department announced Thursday.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday directed the Defense Department to establish travel and transportation allowances to ensure service members and their dependents have access, according to a memo.

The “practical effects of recent changes” will ultimately hurt military readiness, Austin wrote, referring to the Supreme Court’s June decision to strike down Roe v. Wade.

Austin noted that “significant numbers” of service members and their families will be forced to travel, take time off work, and pay more out of pocket to receive reproductive care.

“In my judgment, such effects qualify as unusual, extraordinary, hardship, or emergency circumstances for Service members and their dependents and will interfere with our ability to recruit, retain, and maintain the readiness of a highly qualified force,” he wrote.

Suddenly Austin is concerned with retention and recruitment issues.

Implementing a covid mandate without religious exceptions that potentially could have cost 60,000 troops to separate from the service and ended up forcing thousands to exit was of zero concern to the Secretary of Defense, Austin. He championed the mandate.

The “ Woke” Army missed its recruiting goal by about 15,000 new soldiers in 2022, coming up 25% short of its goal at a time when each of the services was struggling to meet their benchmarks. Critical Race Theory indoctrination has become a top priority for Pentagon leaders. To read more about how woke the leaders of our armed services have become see herehere, and here.

The Pentagons’ priorities are on parade like a flamboyant lead marcher in a Gay Pride parade!

This is your military, where the DOD endorsed a month-long Gay Pride celebration.

Austin has been on a tear issuing new memos from day one, including reversing the Transgender policy, Transgender soldiers can now openly serve in the Army and the force will provide hormone therapy, mental health care and surgeries they might require.

Check out the latest Military recruitment ad that Austin approved:

But enlisted women may leave the service or never enlist unless taxpayer funded promoted travel for killing their child in their womb is available.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious…

How many female service members will feel pressure to abort their child with such accommodation?

For decades Veterans Healthcare Services were criminally negligent in some cases and morally repugnant across the board. Yes, under the Trump administration, many changes approved access to quality care for our veterans. But those changes are slowly being eroded again under Biden’s watch. Suicide rates in our active and retired military are at obscene levels.

Veterans and their families are often forced to access food stamps just to support their families while they serve!

Would Secretary Austin like to discuss the chaotic and tragic decision to turn tail and run out of Afghanistan? How many Gold Star Families have been invited to a “Task Force” on recruitment and retention? I am betting zero.

If you are gay, trans, anti- white, pregnant, and do not want your baby – the Pentagon celebrates and facilitates your heart’s desire.

All others such as Christians, white males, straight, unvaccinated, or in need of standard follow-up medical/mental health care for injuries or post-military service – DREAM ON!

” Be All You Can Be” means something far different today. Join up now and we will help you murder your baby, give you hormone replacement, indoctrinate CRT, and complete the religious purge together.

Sorry Secretary Austin, but your issues with retention and recruitment have nothing to do with women needing to catch a ride or snag  a free night at a hotel to murder their child.

This new policy has nothing to do with women’s healthcare and is only about virtue signaling and further degrading military readiness. This is what one does to weaken National Security. My ancestors who served this country with great courage and honor are rolling over in their graves from the taint of the Marxist woke brigade takeover.

By Bekah Lyons

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