Pfizer’s Adverse Events Disclosures: Public or Confidential?

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Attached is a document that I put together, which consists of portions of several official Pfizer documents, comparing Pfizer’s public disclosures of adverse events to its confidential disclosures to the FDA of adverse events. I took the confidential disclosures from the documents produced per court order and that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to bury for 70-75 years. I took the public disclosure documents from Pfizer’s website, one of which was an exhibit (the very first attached document) in a federal court case in Texas involving a group of healthcare workers’ who sued Methodist Hospital seeking to prevent mandatory injection of the poison. (The judge ruled against the healthcare workers. I wonder if he would have ruled differently if he had Pfizer’s confidential disclosure to the FDA of adverse events in evidence.)

The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate in one place some of Pfizer’s and the FDA’s fraud, both by commission (what Pfizer said publicly) and also, and equally significantly, by omission (what Pfizer did not say publicly that it had a duty to say).

This goes to the lack of informed consent as well. I can’t help but think that if the public knew before agreeing to be part of an experiment, post market or otherwise, that Pfizer and the FDA knew that there were nearly 1,000 known serious adverse events, most people would never have “agreed” to take the shots. But they did not see that critical information. Rather they were only told, maybe (but probably not), about a handful of relatively innocuous adverse events. My intent is to make this approach and concept, as well as the data, available to attorneys and anyone else having an interest in it. More adverse events data is available on both the Pfizer and the Moderna websites. That data is of course only what they want the public to know. Not what they are hiding. I have yet to see anything from Moderna that is “confidential,” such as what the FDA has been ordered to produce as to Pfizer.

Stevan Looney

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