Philadelphia Rally Exposes Communism’s Atrocities and Calls for CCP’s Disintegration

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Dozens of people rallied in Philadelphia’s Chinatown on Aug. 8, with a theme to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s atrocities and raise awareness of the dangers of socialism and communism.

The gathering was in support of the 380 million Chinese people who have relinquished membership with the CCP and its affiliated organizations over the past 16 years. It was also intended to encourage local Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP and disintegrate it, according to Alex Luchansky, the event organizer and software engineer manager at a financial company.

The rally drew lots of attention from residents and tourists with public speeches, banners, and pamphlets. Several people stopped to share the harrowing experiences that they and their families endured under communist regimes.

“We arranged this event to speak out against the Communist Party, to call for stopping all the atrocities that are happening in China and the infiltration of red ideology around the world,” said Luchansky, who himself grew up in a communist country in Eastern Europe.

A Chinese Family’s Tragedy

Hui Zhen, a former middle school principal, shared her story of humiliation and suppression under the Chinese communist regime.

Her grandparents participated in the Xinhai Revolution in 1911, which ended China’s last imperial dynasty, the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and resulted in the establishment of the Republic of China on Jan. 1, 1912. However, having been manipulated by the Communist Party’s lies to protect and support the people of China, Hui’s grandparents chose to stay in the mainland when the CCP usurped power over the Kuomintang (KMT)’s Nationalist Government in 1949. Later, during the Cultural Revolution, her father was forced to wear a clown hat and had his head shaved as a form of humiliation. He was vigorously denounced in public gatherings and detained, and his home was ransacked many times.

A brother of one of Hui’s grandparents had a son imprisoned for more than 20 years and tortured to death. This same relative’s daughter, once a professor and head of the Department of Foreign Languages at Harbin People’s Liberation Army Military Engineering College, was categorized as “counterrevolutionary” and was persecuted. Another daughter, a professor at Nanjing University, committed suicide because she couldn’t bear the family tragedy.

By Frank Liang and William Huang

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