Pro-Trump Group Demands Records From Justice, FBI on Search of Trump’s Home

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The America First Policy Institute said it “demands answers” about Monday’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home compound at Mar-a-Lago.

The AFPI, a pro-Trump policy shop, has filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act with the Department of Justice and the FBI, which conducted the raid.

“To drive transparency for the American people, AFPI is requesting all emails between the FBI and relevant DOJ components and between members of the January 6th committee and their senior staff,” the AFPI said in a statement released Tuesday evening.

“It is also requesting all emails from reporters for the Washington Post, New York Times, and ABC News who appear to have received leaked information from the FBI about this raid, attorney Marc Elias and the law firm of Perkins Coie.”

The FBI on Monday served a search warrant on the estate, looking for classified documents possibly held by the former president. The FBI and DOJ have declined to comment on the case to The Epoch Times.

Elias and his former law firm Perkins Coie both have ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Russia collusion allegations that led to the Mueller investigation against the Trump administration.

AFPI President and CEO Brooke Rollins amplified her group’s reaction to the unprecedented search.

“Monday night, I joined millions of Americans in shock and outrage when the news broke that the FBI raided former President Trump’s personal home at Mar-a-Lago,” Rollins said in a statement

“This is not how politics in a constitutional republic is supposed to work.

“It is clear to everyone now that our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement have strayed from their intended purpose. Transparency in finding out who authorized hat, and for what reasons, is the first step in restoring trust and a representative government that puts the American people first.”

The AFPI, seen as an administration-in-waiting should Trump run again and win, notes that it is led by “senior leaders from the Trump administration.”

Two weeks ago, its conference in Washington D.C. showcased the policies its members have forged and hosted the president’s first speech in the capital since the events of January 6.

By Dan M. Berger

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