Project Veritas’ Director Releases Statement About James O’Keefe

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The executive director of Project Veritas issued a statement Wednesday after it was reported that founder James O’Keefe was placed on paid leave, sparking some donors to issue a cease-and-desist letter.

Daniel Strack, the director, issued a statement via Project Veritas’s Twitter account that said O’Keefe has not been removed from his position. Strack said that claims O’Keefe—who founded Project Veritas more than a decade ago—was removed from the nonprofit, were false.

“A few weeks ago, a number of our staff members provided leadership with some verbal feedback describing real management concerns regarding the treatment of people and our internal process,” his statement said.

“This prompted the board to solicit feedback from additional staff members, and that internal letter was leaked. The narrative that is being portrayed by referencing this letter is patently false. James has not been removed from Project Veritas. Nowhere in that letter was there ever a suggestion to remove James from the organization.”

Strack said that there were 16 Veritas employees who gave feedback, but he stressed O’Keefe “is the hardest working person I have ever met … those who know him well know that he will not take time off unless forced to.” His letter did not provide more details.

“While I do understand the timing of this situation alongside the biggest story in our organization’s history is confusing and very easy to come up with conspiracy theories, I can assure you we are still, in no way, and will never be, ‘Brought to you by Pfizer,’” he wrote, referring to a recent Veritas expose involving a Pfizer executive. “Nor do we have any political preferences for any candidates running for office.”

Strack said that he is “committed to working” with “James and the PV team,” according to the letter. “James will be taking a few weeks of well-deserved [paid time off],” Strack allegedly wrote Monday in an internal message that the Daily Beast said it obtained.

Later on Wednesday, Project Veritas also wrote that O’Keefe is “alive and well” and that “there is nothing better than enjoying a well deserved vacation.” It was responding to a post made by Robert Kennedy Jr., who posted a photo of himself and O’Keefe.

By Jack Phillips

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