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During this hearing evidence is introduced to prove the failure of Fulton County, Georgia officials to respond to Open Record Requests that were properly submitted to the appropriate parties for access to inspect mail-in ballots from the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Good News: VoterGA and Garland Favorito Get Hearing in Georgia

Partial Transcript

John Fredericks tells us that in a hearing yesterday [January 6, 2021] at 4:00pm, in front of a Henry County judge, the effort of one individual, Garland Favorito, with his organization,, got granted another hearing on Friday, January 15th. Let me tell you why this is so critical. The judge gave Fulton County one week to respond to the allegations made and the brief made by Garland Favorito organization. Favorito is 90% sure they’re going to get clearance on January 15th for them to do a hand and forensic inspection of Fulton County ballots on the mail-in ballots. Let me tell you what this means. They believe, based on affidavits under perjury, that there are 20 to 25,000 to 30,000, 20 to 30,000 fraudulent ballots. Now I’m not talking about ballots that maybe didn’t have a signature or somebody didn’t have an address or came through a dropbox. I’m talking about ballots that you printed, that were made up, that are attached to no voter, that came in on pristine paper that doesn’t match the ballot paper number one, number two it wasn’t folded, number three in, the people that did the affidavits, the ballots were not marked by ink or pencil. They were marked by machine. Now if they do this forensic analysis which they say will take them no more than 48 hours to get it all straightened out, if they find, Steve and Maggie, Raheem and Jack, if there are 25,000 of these ballots that got scanned into the system that are 100 completely fraudulent here’s what it means. David Perdue is going to sue immediately there shouldn’t have been a run off. He would have gotten over 50%. That’s the end of Jon Ossoff. Here’s what else it means, Biden didn’t win Georgia. That 16 flips might not affect the outcome of the presidential race but here’s what it’s going to do. If this is true in Georgia, if this happened and it’s proven, you have to start asking yourself, did it happen in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan? These are the questions that are going to have to be answered. But the first effective it has is on Senator David Purdue, because they’re going to be able to sue immediately and say everywhere of these ballots is made up, I won the election on November 3rd. The runoff shouldn’t have been there.

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