Radical Spending Bill Is A Corrupt Golden Parachute For Wavering GOP Reps

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Rep. Matt Gaetz talks to host Steve Bannon as Nancy Pelosi plans a House vote on the Democrats’ massive Socialist Transformation of the United States bill. Gaetz said Republicans need to learn from AOC and the progressive left about how to wield power.

“We ought to take the political roadmap of the left-wing populists and we ought tio run it with right-wing populists. … We’ve got to fill those open seats, and frankly there are some Republicans that need to lose. We need to make sure that the War Room posse, the America First nation, is out there giving back up to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik and myself and not sending us more people that just want to stare at their name plate.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart