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Bill Maher Notices Something Odd About These Transgender Kids

It had to happen. He’s mentioned it multiple times in interviews. No, it’s not the “I didn’t leave the Democrats, the Democrats left me” bit. It’s the “this stuff didn’t happen” six-to-eight years ago portion. Comedian Bill Maher has made a good living mocking societal trends and conservatives. His show “Real Time” has been going strong since 2003 following his forced departure from ABC. Yes, it had segments that made conservatives’ eyes roll. Yes, he also took potshots at liberals. The latter is becoming more frequent and more aggressive, especially when it comes to LGBT rights. That’s the stuff that wasn’t a thing nearly a decade ago; four-year-old kids coming out as transgender. The comedian devoted nearly 10 minutes shredding the LGBT orthodoxy on this issue, noting peculiar trends, and adding that having questions isn’t bigotry. 

Maher mocked that at the current rate, we’re all going to be gay by 2050. His point is that there must be some level of questioning concerning whether this is a trendy topic for kids. We’ve all been there. When you’re young and angry, shock value is part of a phase—the rage against the machine phase. The problem is coming out of the closet isn’t shocking anymore. You could argue that’s a good thing because we’re now a more open society, but the limits to that, which can have devastating impacts on one’s life, are asking whether giving puberty blockers is a good idea. You know what I mean concerning consequences – it’s the woke mob coming to torch your life. It has happened. 

Questioning whether this and gender reassignment surgery for kids is healthy can end with you being hurled into the gulag as a transphobic bigot. Maher is a hardcore liberal. He’s pro-gay rights, but he’s not a sheep either. 

By Matt Vespa

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