Religious Accommodation for Employees

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Religious Accommodation for Employees

You will need to provide a written request to your employer seeking a medical or religious accommodation under federal law (Title VII). Medical exemptions require a medical provider to verify that a vaccination is contraindicated for you. For a religious accommodation, the information below is required:

  1. State your religious convictions as to why you do not wish to take the coronavirus vaccination. To the extent you are able, add religious texts (e.g., Bible verses) to support your position.
  2. State that your religious beliefs are sincerely held.
  3. Request an accommodation.
  4. Propose alternatives that will meet the employer’s underlying health and safety objectives without violating your conscience.

Under federal law, employers with 15 or more employees must consider accommodation requests. Some states, such as California, go further and require workplaces with fewer employees to consider accommodations as well. The granting of an accommodation request is not automatic but does require the employer to show undue hardship in order to deny the request.

Note that the request should be in writing. The law does not require a letter from your church, minister, or place of worship. Your own religious beliefs are sufficient.

If you like, please send your draft to for our legal team to review before you submit it to your employer. Lastly, please share your contact information and city/state with us, and the deadline when you must submit your request for accommodation.


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