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Rep. Lauren Boebert opposes the CORE Act, since it is a 400,000 acre land grab and closes off 73,000 acres of land for most forms of outdoor recreation.

Rep. Boebert stated: “The CORE Act is a partisan land-grab promoted by big-city Democrats who aren’t affected by the land-use bureaucracy that they are shoving down rural Colorado’s throat. Despite roughly 65% of the lands affected by this bill being in my district, I was never consulted on this bill, and common-sense changes proposed by Senator Gardner last Congress were also not incorporated. While locking up land may sound good to the swamp, it doesn’t work for the people who actually live there.”


Rep. Boebert has vocally defended her District from Democrat land-grabs and testified before the House Rules Committee, but the land-grabs keep coming.

The CORE Act creates new land restrictions on roughly 400,000 acres in Colorado. Despite being marketed as a recreation bill, the CORE Act designates more than 73,000 acres as wilderness which will severely prevent most forms of outdoor recreation.

The CORE Act includes withdrawing 200,000 acres in the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development. This withdrawal is a solution in search of a problem since the area of controversy is already administratively withdrawn.

Despite significant opposition from local stakeholders, outdoorsmen, off-roaders, and county commissioners, Democrats in the Swamp want to ram this bill through with little care for the consequences it will have on rural Colorado.

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