Reporters Say Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Was Disregarded Because It Came From GOP

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A number of reporters from mainstream media outlets have recently admitted that the Wuhan “lab leak” theory was originally dismissed because it came from Republicans.

Jonathan Karl, ABC News Washington correspondent admitted to ABC’s “This Week” host on Sunday that the lab leak theory was not taken seriously because it came from the Trump administration but, “now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry.”

“Yes, I think a lot of people have egg on their face,” Karl said. “This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, Donald Trump, and look, some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them. Because Trump was saying so much else that was just out of control … he said flatly this came from that lab, and it was widely dismissed … but now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry.”

Besides Trump and Pompeo, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) argued that the origin of the virus should be investigated because it does not appear to have come from the animal market, as claimed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Cotton told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, in a February 2020 interview, that the CCP has not been honest about when they first knew of the virus and the United States cannot trust CCP officials about the origin of the virus.

“Here’s what we do know, this virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market. Epidemiologists who are widely respected from China have published a study in the international journal The Lancet have demonstrated that several of the original cases did not have any contact with that food market. The virus went into that food market before it came out of that food market,” said Cotton.


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