Researcher Featured in ‘2000 Mules’ Documentary Explains How Local Election Fraud Was Grown to National Scale

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Voter fraud has traditionally been a local affair in the United States, where elections are conducted by more than 3,000 counties in a decentralized system that makes mass ballot manipulation nearly impossible.

And it very much remains so, maintains Gregg Phillips. His investigation into Georgia voter fraud during the state’s 2021 U.S. Senate election runoff is featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary to be released next week.

While manning True the Vote’s voter fraud hotline during the 2020 election, Phillips said he observed local election fraud “grown to scale” as part of a ballot-harvesting scheme orchestrated by national organizations.

Across the country, “There are a thousand local insurgencies doing their own things” in defiance of state election laws, he said.

But what has happened over the last few decades, and became evident during the 2020 election, is “new money and old money, old-fashioned foundations” can “leverage fraud already in place at a local level,” Phillips said. “This is how this thing grows to scale” and can influence state and national election results.

Phillips, a former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and a former deputy commissioner for the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, is the managing partner and majority owner of OPSEC Group LLC, based in Birmingham, Ala.

His company conducts voting roll and election results investigations and analysis for True the Vote (TTV), a nonprofit based in Houston, Texas, founded by Catherine Engelbrecht in 2010.

TTV has been training poll watchers, educating voters in election law, and lobbying to enact many of the reforms adopted post-2020 for more than a decade.

Engelbrecht’s TTV and Phillips’ OPSEC conducted the investigation presented in the documentary by D’souza, an Epoch Times contributor, which is set to open in 300 theaters on May 2 and May 4.

The genesis of the investigation, which he and Englebrecht say proves large-scale, illegal vote trafficking occurred in the 2020 election, was digging into reports after manning TTV’s tip line, Phillips said.

By John Haughey

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