Rouda’s Record of Lies and Cons are Brought to the Forefront Highlights Harley Rouda’s Broken Promises

Harvey Rouda is Scamming voters
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Huntington Beach, CA – Today, the Michelle Steel for Congress campaign launched the website, highlighting Harley Rouda’s lies and broken promises he has racked up in just under two years in Washington. The website breaks down three key promises Rouda made to voters – to lower taxes, keep our communities safe, and be a bipartisan voice – and walks through how he has broken each of those promises during his first term in Congress.

#1: Harley’s Tax Con
#2: Harley’s Public Safety Con
#3: Harley’s Bipartisanship Con

The website is a stark contrast to Michelle’s record of delivering on her promises to voters and bringing results to her community. From returning $400 million dollars to taxpayers to leading Orange County through the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle has consistently delivered results.

Rouda’s record of supporting tax increases and endangering our community is top of voters minds as they cast their ballot in the fall. Most concerning, Rouda has shown no attempt at being an independent voice in Congress and has voted with his party’s leadership 100% of the time. Today, Rouda is about to recess from Congress without passing bipartisan legislation for critical COVID-19 relief for families and businesses. comes on the heels of a petition signed by over 1,000 Orange County residents calling on Harley Rouda to take down his deceptive and misleading campaign ads.

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