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Sarah Palin is tough and smart and will never back down, and I am proud to give her my Complete and Total Endorsement 

Sarah & Alaska: A lifelong kinship

Sarah Palin is a passionate voice for energy independence, fiscal responsibility, and a safe, secure America. She served as both the first female and the youngest governor of Alaska, and was the Republican Party’s first female vice presidential nominee. 

When she was just 3 months old, Sarah moved to Alaska when her parents were hired to work in Skagway. Sarah’s father, Charles, was a science teacher and track coach. Her mother, Sally, was a school secretary. Sarah grew up in Wasilla, and prior to her election as governor she was elected to the Wasilla City Council and then served two terms as the mayor/manager of Wasilla. Sarah also served as chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

As chief executive of America’s largest state, she built a record as a reformer who cast aside politics-as-usual and pushed through changes other politicians only talked about, taking meaningful steps toward energy independence, passing bipartisan ethics reform, and facilitating the biggest private sector infrastructure project in U.S. history. And while revitalizing public school funding and ensuring the state met its responsibilities to seniors and Alaska Native populations, Palin also beat the political ‘good ol’ boys club’ at their own game. 

She has five children, several grandchildren, and resides in Wasilla with her son Trig. 

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Resource Development

America can and must become energy independent – and that requires tapping Alaska’s vast reserves of natural resources. God gave us a tremendous bounty, and we must not let it go to waste.

At a time when rising gas prices are straining the budgets of working families, the first and most important step the federal government should take is opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas development. There are literally billions of barrels of oil just waiting for us to “drill, baby, drill.”

Extracting oil from ANWR wouldn’t just help America achieve energy independence and bring down gas prices. It would also create a large number of good-paying jobs for hard working Alaskans. It’s a no-brainer.

We also need to continue developing our infrastructure here in Alaska, building the highways, bridges, and ports that allow us to get our resources to market more efficiently. Improved infrastructure will create jobs right now while generating economic and quality-of-life benefits for generations to come.

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Self-sufficiency is core to our identity as Alaskans, and the most fundamental part of self-sufficiency is being able to earn a living and provide for our families.

Unfortunately, our economy is in shambles – not because businesses aren’t hiring or consumers aren’t buying, but because the federal government is standing in the way of growth. We need to end the government handouts to able-bodied Americans, cut through the red tape that entangles small business owners, and let the free market do what it does best – generate wealth for all Americans.

Instead of begging other countries to raise their taxes with a global minimum corporate tax – which ultimately falls on the backs of consumers – we should be cutting taxes here in America. Instead of cutting off financing for oil producers, we should be encouraging them to increase production and create more good-paying jobs. Instead of creating more federal entitlements, we should be breaking down barriers to private sector job creation.

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Inflation is out of control, reaching its highest levels in 40 years. Reckless government spending and non-stop money printing are driving out-of-control inflation that is hurting hard working Alaskans. Prices are up everywhere, particularly at the gas pump and the grocery store, and the increased cost of goods and services is eating away at everyone’s hard-earned savings. Real wages are down because inflation is going up faster than earnings.

To get inflation under control, we need to rein in wasteful spending, implement pro-growth policies so supply can catch up with demand, and unleash domestic energy production. Trying to spend our way out of an inflationary cycle is an outdated, long-debunked approach – all you get is stagflation like we had in the 1970s, which makes everybody worse off.

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Every life is a precious gift from God, and that includes the lives of the unborn. As the Supreme Court considers landmark challenges to Roe v Wade, it’s more important than ever to ensure that abortion is never codified at the federal level. But that’s not enough. We must once again honor and enforce the Hyde Amendment as a guiding, bipartisan principle. No federal funds should ever be used to pay for or facilitate abortion, anywhere on Earth. We must also resist calls to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. There is never an acceptable excuse for deliberately taking a human life, and we must not allow our society to become complicit in such crimes.

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Alaskan seniors deserve a life of happiness and prosperity — which is why it is crucial to ensure that our economy functions effectively for them. While economic stagnation impacts every American, it is especially harmful for seniors who rely on stable consumer prices and can’t afford dramatic increases in the cost of living.

Inflation is a nightmare for seniors on a fixed income. The money that they painstakingly saved up for their retirement suddenly isn’t enough to cover basic necessities, and Social Security cost-of-living adjustments always trail behind price increases. The answer is to practice responsible fiscal policy to keep inflation low so that seniors can have confidence that their nest eggs will last them through their golden years.

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National Defense

Alaska plays an extremely important role in America’s national defense strategy. We may be called the Last Frontier, but we are the first line of defense against America’s biggest geopolitical foes. Alaska’s strategic importance will only grow as competition heats up for access to natural resources in the Arctic.

Thousands of Alaskans serve our country in uniform, and our state hosts nine military bases. We need to make sure those installations remain well-equipped.

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We must also continue to reform and improve the Veterans Administration. The men and women who serve our country in uniform deserve the best care we can offer. The scandalous treatment that our veterans received during the Obama administration – when veterans were literally dying while waiting for basic treatments – was a national disgrace that must never be repeated. The VA needs to operate efficiently and effectively, just like our soldiers do.

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A good education empowers our children to succeed later in life. I’m proud of the public school system in Alaska – my son, Trig, currently attends Wasilla Middle School – but I also recognize that parents need to play the primary role in their children’s education.

Students should not be stuck in a failing public school simply because of their street address. We need meaningful school choice, including vouchers that parents can use to send their children to higher-performing schools.

We also need to support charter schools, which break up the teachers’ union monopoly and allow us to empirically test and evaluate alternative approaches to education. This sort of experimentation is key to ensuring that our public schools continue to grow and evolve so that they can provide the best possible educational experience for all of Alaska’s children.

Our schools should not be indoctrinating children in leftist ideologies. Especially when school boards ignore the best interests of students and the intent of parents, we must take action to preserve the innocence of all children.

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Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is under attack. For decades, the far left has chipped away at our right to bear arms, making it harder for average Americans to defend themselves and their families. This nationwide assault on the Second Amendment is especially harmful to Alaska, where firearms play an essential role in the daily lives of countless Alaskan households, hunters, and sportsmen.

To protect the Second Amendment from further erosion, Alaska must be a vocal champion for firearm ownership. We should strive to reduce bureaucratic red tape designed to punish gun ownership and prevent politicians from nationalizing gun legislation. We should have the ultimate authority to decide what’s best for our state. The political elites in Washington DC will never fully cherish Alaskan values – which is why it is up to us to defend our constitutional rights and freedoms.

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National Debt

Government debt is like an anchor around the neck of future generations. Our federal government currently spends over $500 billion per year just on interest on the money we’ve already borrowed, even with rock-bottom interest rates – continuing to borrow more money, year after year, is unsustainable and irresponsible. Borrowing money to pay for deficit spending sucks money out of the economy, costing us greatly in terms of current and future jobs and economic growth.

We need to get our fiscal house in order – fast. We need to eliminate unnecessary spending in every category of the budget, but that’s only part of the solution. Ultimately, the only way to meaningfully address the debt crisis is to get entitlement spending under control. Instead of creating new entitlements, like the Democrats try to do every time they see an opportunity, we need to pare back our existing entitlements so there’s enough money for the people who truly need it. Congress also needs to enact and enforce strict spending limits, ideally through a Balanced Budget Amendment that would restrict federal spending to a responsible level below 20 percent of GDP.

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Candidate Sarah Palin and Donald Trump
Candidate Sarah Palin and Donald Trump

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah Palin first made history on December 4, 2006, when she was sworn in as the first female and youngest governor of Alaska. In August 2008, Senator John McCain tapped Palin to serve as his vice-presidential running mate in his presidential campaign, making her the first woman to run on the Republican Party’s presidential ticket.

In Alaska, her top priorities included fiscal restraint, limiting the size of government, resource development, education, equitable oil valuation, and transportation and infrastructure development. Palin fought for ethics reform and transparency in government.

Palin has a long record of achievement and experience in public office. Prior to her election as governor, she served two terms on the Wasilla City Council and two terms as the mayor of Wasilla. During her tenure, she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business-friendly environment, drawing in new industry and making it the fastest growing city in Alaska. She was elected President of Alaska’s Conference of Mayors.

Under her leadership as governor, Alaska invested $5 billion in state savings, overhauled education funding, reformed the state’s employee pension program, and protected Alaska’s natural resources. She created Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.

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